Saturday 7 October 2017

Detox water: What are most common mistakes while preparing and consuming detox water? How to effectively prepare and consume?

First mistake while preparing detox water
Extra stuffing

People craze and religiously follow everything they think can give them benefit. As in the case of detox water, people start with the emotions of hope and haste. People put all kinds of fruits / veggies / seeds / spices etc. in one bottle and fill it up. People also start putting lots of lemon in the detox water plus extra lemon juice within 24 hours that causes harm.

Instead: Do not stuff up your bottle
Put just 2-3 types of fruits / veggies in one bottle. For example if you are adding cucumber, fruits and spices, then slice half cucumber, any other fruits like half apple and just one spice like cinnamon. Do not add many other spices or slices of full fruits. If you are adding lemon in the water, add but 1 lemon or juice of 1 lemon. If you wish to drink lemon juice separately then do not bother adding lemon to the detox water. Just consume 1 lemon per 24 hours.   

Second mistake
Soaking for long hours
People prepare detox water at night, leaving it overnight in the refrigerator. Then next day either be at home or taking it to work, the water is out of the refrigerator, which is when it starts getting harmful. Firstly, the fruits / veggies are already in the water for like 7 – 10 hours and on the top of it not consuming the water soon. For the next whole day, the fruits / veggies rot in the water, be that in the refrigerator or not, the water becomes harmful.  

Instead: Do not soak for long hours
If you have to take it to work, then prepare water in the morning, no need to soak fruits / veggies overnight. Take the bottle to work and start consuming water from lunch time. This way fruits will get a good soak from morning till afternoon. Then consume it soon. Drink plain water until afternoon. If you want early morning detox water then just put few slices of two types of fruits / veggies in a glass, put in the refrigerator at night and consume it in the morning. Do not leave that for the evening until you come back.
If you are at home, then you can prepare at night but fruits / veggies should not be soaked for more than 7 hours. That bottle should be in the refrigerator. Start consuming as soon as you wake up directly from the refrigerator, and finish it within 2-3 hours. Rest of the day, drink plain water.

Third mistake
Consuming continuously for weeks
When people start consuming detox water then they make it a habit rather than a lifestyle. People consume it continuously for weeks & months. Drinking detox water only and in large quantities, while not drinking plain water at all can affect the body in a negative manner.

Instead: Do not have detox water hastily and continuously every day for weeks
As you start taking care of your health and body, you want to get smart as soon as possible. But that is not how it works! You need not to be hasty, be patient instead. Just have detox water 3 – 4 times a week. Keep this routine for a month, and then have break of 1 – 2 months from detox water. Moderation is the key to achieve your smartness goals! 

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