Tuesday 26 September 2017

Women ask: Can I exercise post pregnancy or I have postnatal depression or I am busy mum or during menstrual cycle? Such Q’s answered here…

Postnatal depression
One in few new mothers suffers from postnatal depression. If not catered properly, it can become stroppy. While getting all the help one can get from family & peers, exercising can aid lowering the depression symptoms. Exercise not only has physical benefits of going back to pre-pregnancy shape but also controls bad mood swings. Those who are habitual of exercising as a part of lifestyle and know exact shapes, forms, sets, & repetitions of workouts, they can exercise themselves after birth. But those who never came anywhere near to be physically stable or body conscious unless they are fat enough after the baby, they should always seek expert advice before starting any exercise regimen for their over-weighed body. For amateurs, walking is the best for a kick-start.     
Exercising is anti-depressant!

Mums & exercise
For mums, the best tip is to go out for a jogging style walk. Be it early in the morning before your child is awaken or be it later in the day or evening with your little one’s pram. Walking is full body exercise that keeps you active and helps reduce those baby fats. Especially if you have any issues post-pregnancy, then opting for a medium paced walk for 15-30 minutes for 3-4 days a week works. In this era of self-broadcasting, you must have seen videos of mums exercising with their kids. Yes, you can do it as well. Make it a play time for little ones instead of stressed out targeted workout. That won’t work! Remember that your basic target is to stay healthy while you burn calories, which can easily be accomplished as you let the little one playing around. Plus, it will inculcate the importance of exercise in the children.   

Exercising is fat-fighting!

Menstrual cycle
It’s the most common question that I am in my those days, can I exercise? Well, the answer varies from person to person. If you are generally healthy and do not get any cramps, pains, or headaches then yes you can keep up with your exercise routine. You may not want to exercise for first couple of your days. That is ok! Who’s gonna exercise every single day of the year any ways? But when you start getting stronger as those days are over within a week or so, it is high time to check in for sprinting and strength training. So as soon as your days are over go for the toughest exercises as much as you can bear. For up to two weeks you can feel active and stay motivated. After that phase for a week or so, even if you are high at stamina, you might want to slow down a bit if you are getting too tired too early. That’s ok! Go easy on yourself. Now that if you get premenstrual symptoms like dizziness, you must not opt for high-intensity sort of exercises. But again it varies from person to person. Some ladies can even weight train during this phase of cycle. If you are getting low on energy, walk in the fresh air and do breathing exercises along with some stretches. Then you start all over again from day one. Exercising improves your stamina throughout the month thus reduce menstrual cramps.  

Exercising is cramps reducing!    

Exercising answered by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram