Sunday 22 November 2015

Golden Spiral

The Fibonacci sequence is the series of numbers in which the next number is the addition of the two previous numbers.
The Fibonacci sequence is:

If these numbers are plotted on a squared paper, a nice spiral is the result:

The Fibonacci spiral can also be referred as the golden spiral as the ratio of any two Fibonacci numbers is not exactly but close to the Golden ratio. The Golden ratio is itself another topic to touch upon which is: 

In nature there exists golden spiral in many forms and creations. Here are but few examples of the occurrence of golden spiral in nature:   

Starting from one of the biggest creations in nature i.e. galaxies. Many galaxies represent golden spiral especially the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Coming back on earth, the largest spiral that seems to have originated as a golden spiral is a hurricane. The following is the image of one of the famous hurricane, hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005.

This tree trunk of sugar pine seems to have originated from the golden spiral.

The golden spiral clearly exists in flowers.

Aloe Vera
It is know for its amazing benefits, originates as a golden spiral.


A very clear golden spiral shell


There is a great deal of Fibonacci sequence in humans. Like in thumb markings.

We see all these spirals not just to see the golden spiral itself! But then why?  

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