Monday 28 August 2017

Most Respectable Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

When it comes to engineering, you need to keep in mind that not all branches of engineering are the same. It so happens that a lot of students who decide to pursue engineering have not heard of many branches until they are filling their university applications.

In NED University of Engineering and Technology, there are 20 different engineering departments. National University of Science and Technology has 16, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Tech has 7, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute and PIEAS have 6, while FAST-NUCES offers 3.

Amongst students, preferred choices are Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Computer engineering. The question is why? It is because that the employment rate is much higher of graduates who have degrees in the following departments of engineering.

Right now if we talk about the world, the highest paid engineering jobs are as follows:

1. Petroleum Engineering.
2. Electrical Engineering.
3. Computer Engineering.
4. Aerospace Engineering.
5. Chemical Engineering.
6. Materials Engineering.

You can choose your field according to this if you are sure that you can work and live abroad. In Pakistan the scope is very different. Petroleum jobs are only provided by a single big company, the hiring rate is 2 fresh graduates per batch.

We will talk about the engineering jobs that are respectable and have scope here in Pakistan.

1. Information Tech/Software Engineering/Computer Sciences and Engineering
Software houses are being set up all over Pakistan. This includes both international and Pakistani startups. Call for software engineers have increased immensely in the last few years. The demand of this field nationally and internationally has made it top priority amongst students.
Below is the picture of P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES) Technology Incubator, The NEST I/O.

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2. Telecom Engineering
Pakistan’s Telecom sector is growing fast, and with that the demand of telecom engineers. With the recent advancement in 3G and 4G bands it has started generating huge sums of money. It one of the highest paying jobs right now in Pakistan.

3. Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is one of most demanded discipline. In different Pakistani universities this department mostly has students with top merit. The reason could be that it is one of the most common engineering fields, especially amongst male students.
It is seen that mostly in Pakistan there is no application of mechanical engineering. The machines are mostly imported but these engineers are needed to operate them and fix them. Even then it is considered a respectable job amongst engineers and is also paid for very highly.

4. Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is not specifically a high paying job but it is one of the toughest engineering disciplines. In the last decade the number of female students in Pakistan choosing this field has also increased. The employment rate of electrical engineers is much higher than many other fields and is definitely one of the most respectable engineering jobs.

5. Civil Engineering 
Civil engineering deals with the planning and execution of building roads, bridges, canals, houses etc. Pakistan is a developing country, and right now the demand for good, competent civil engineers has risen. Civil engineers are mostly seen going abroad because the job employment rate was very low in Pakistan. But in recent years that has changed. Employment rate is much better and they pay get hired on is also comparatively better than other jobs.

6. Biomedical Engineering
One of the fields that have emerged in the recent years is Biomedical engineering. The name gives away the fact that this is a field that combines two major parent fields, medical and engineering. It basically applies engineering concepts to make healthcare systems better. Number of Pakistani universities have added this as a discipline. The problem is as of yet it is not that common since majority of the students do not have detailed knowledge about this field. Pakistan is an emerging country in sciences and technology; we need to make sure that all the departments are taken care of. Biomedical engineers are required and since there are not many in the market the ones right now at very respectable positions.

7. Food Engineering
This field is a combination of microbiology, chemistry, and engineering for food and related industry. Food engineering statistics are similar to field mentioned above. Pakistani food companies are hiring food engineers in high ratio. The demand has increased but the number of engineers is low, which is the few land reputable jobs.

8. IT Managers/Airport Engineers 
As much engineering jobs matter, after establishing they need to be maintained. Maintenance is one of the major steps in engineering development.

IT Managers make sure they prioritize resources of the firm accordingly. IT managers are recruited in private schools, universities and corporate houses. They earn respectable jobs in schools and universities.

Airport engineers take the work of aeronautical engineers further. After the aeronautical engineers are done, airport engineers need to keep a check of the maintenance, designing, planning of the airport and the landing/taking off. Since the aircraft in Pakistan is imported, the work of maintaining them falls upon airport engineers. They manage to land (pun intended) respectable jobs in Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Introduce Probiotics to Gut Ecology to Stay Healthy

The world ecology today is threatened with deteriorating environmental conditions. The world needs healthy flora, fauna, and better environmental conditions to cope with its ecology’s downfall. Similarly, our gut ecology is compromised as well and offering us a bad physical and emotional health.

Humans need healthy gut flora to survive and an improved internal environment to tackle the declining gut ecology.

Like there are too many environmental pollutants, there are too many pollutants that human consume on daily basis that are affecting the gut ecology.

Health Benefits of Probiotics
Due to crummy gut ecology; diseases, sickness, and allergies are inflicting our lives day by day and one of the answers to this problem is probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that are part of human gut ecology. Probiotics can prevent and treat sickness by allowing us to have a good digestion and improved immunity. Unfortunately, we destroy these probiotic microorganisms via our unhealthy lifestyle.
At the verge of our regressing health, it is high time we take measurements to restore our gut micro flora with probiotics. Probiotics or good bacteria are present in yogurt, fermented foods like sauerkraut & kadhi, fermented drinks like KVASS, kefir etc.

Consuming probiotics lowers the risk of cancer, obesity, sleeplessness, seasonal sickness, food allergies, mental illness, digestive disorders etc. Probiotics detoxify the body toxins, reduce inflammation by improving immunity, maintain cognitive health etc.

How to Nurture Your Gut Micro-flora?
Fermented cabbage or sauerkraut is one of the best probiotics food that offers good bacteria to our gut ecology. Once the probiotics enter the gut, they join hands with the beneficial micro flora that is already present there. As the probiotics flourish they start healing the body by fighting off the harmful bacteria and restore the gut ecology.

It is good to add a table spoon of fermented cabbage with meals!

Make Fermented Cabbage or Sauerkraut at Home
Preparing your own fermented cabbage is easy. Simply wash the cabbage, peel off its tops layer and throw it. Peel off the second layer and keep it aside as it is. Coarsely chop rest of the cabbage, add 1 table spoon of salt, and keep it in a plastic or glass container for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes; mix, squeeze and punch the cabbage, its juice will come out. Put the cabbage in a glass container, press it with non-steel spoon, its juice should cover the cabbage.

Take that cabbage peel that was kept aside and cover the cabbage with that. Immerse that top layer i.e. cabbage peel into the juice as well. Cover with a breathable cloth; just put the lid on the top. Keep it on a tray as liquid can leak from it. Store it in not too dark place and not in direct sunlight or near high heat. Store it at room temperature for 2 weeks. Each day you need to press the top layer under that juice as it comes up as the cabbage goes through its fermentation stages. Use non-steel spoon or fingers to press down the cabbage peel.

After 2 weeks, remove the cloth, close the glass container and put it into the refrigerator. Fermented cabbage or sauerkraut is now ready to consume.

Do not use iodized salt for making sauerkraut or fermented cabbage. 

Probiotics' Pro,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram