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10 Ways to Become a Freelancer

In the previous two blogs I have describe Why to Become a Freelancer and How to be a Successful Freelancer. The first one might only reflect Freelancing as a profession for house women and the other one perhaps give you message that you need to be a high educated and professional to become a Freelancer. Yes, Freelancing is a serious business and you have to work hard to make it working specially in start, but it is not necessary that you have to be highly qualified. Even, you don't need to show your degree or mark sheets to get hired for a job.

In this blog, I will tell "Who can become a Freelancer"??

1. Student

If you are a good student in class or good at a particular subject like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology etc. you used to help your friends and classmates. There are many job posted on freelancing sites by students asking for help in their assignment and homework. Mostly the topics of mathematics are from Grade 12 mathematics like Integration, Differentiation, Fourier Series, Curves or Graphs. In physics you may find topics like electronics, mechanics, light and waves, energy etc. . You may find student asking questions from Organic Chemistry. So helping such a students will improve your learning in subject. Earning will make you self sufficient.

2. Waiting for Exam Results

So you are on long leaves after Grade 10 or Grade 12 examinations and waiting for results to get admission in college or universities, you might be finding for some good activity. First of all refresh yourself for new burden of responsibility, enjoy that time. After Grade 12 you have a very long vacations. You might be busy in entry test preparation for universities. If you are good student, you can help other students online. But, If you are an average student or below average, you have dual responsibilities. One is to work really hard to get admission in good universities, secondly, you need to prepare financially to meet the expenses of private universities, in case could not get admission in government universities. So what to do?

If all the time gaming have made you a king of keyboard, then you can be a Typists. That can be your profession after getting a degree. There are many jobs of Data Entry as well. Job Feeds are overloaded with such opportunities.

3. School Teacher

There are many girls who start teaching in private school just after completing their secondary or higher secondary education. They are trained to educate Kindergarten child by different interesting and colorful activities. After few year of training period they have have got enough experience to know about child psychology and behavior. They have a big responsibility on their shoulder for which they are not paid well. But their experience is worth and they can utilize their potential by writing learning books and training manuals for kids. They know how to attract kid's attention through graphics, cartoons and coloring. There are numbers of jobs posted on freelancing site asking for such learning books for kids. They can edit a little to meet International Standard and let it publish. This can help them earning money and confidence as well. 

4. Multilingual

Multilingualism has so much benefits. One is you can become a Freelance Translator and Proof Reader. After Chinese and English, Urdu is another most spoken language. Many companies wants to have their product book or brochures in Urdu and Arabic. If you know other local languages like  punjabi, sindhi, pashto and balochi or the foreign languages that can become a beneficial mean of earning for you.

5. Photographer

If you are the one who is center of attention in every family event, picnics and tours because of your excellent photographing skills. It is one of the emerging profession. If you love travelling that is a plus. Opportunities are just waiting for you. Other than freelancing site, you may also participate in different photography competitions like WikiPedia Photography competition for Places in Pakistan and Monuments in Pakistan.

6. Effective Talker

If you have good conversation skills you can help your clients by gather data through calls and advertising a company online. You have heard "One who talk bitter can't sell honey, but one who talk sweets can even sell poison". So If you think your talking ascent and confidence is good, you can be a freelancer. Not everyone is lucky enough to get higher education, But everyone has some skill provided by nature through which they can pursue their earning.

7. Story Teller

 If you are creative to write moral stories, novels or dramas that reflects norms of society and suggest ways for improvement then you must write it. You may write stories for kids, tips for kitchen, social and political issues, success stories, entertaining articles and much more and open a new door of positive thinking. You may write about your country and represent the positive and beautiful side to the world. You may encourage tourism through your writing, that will not only a way of earning for you but will generate a big revenue for your country. Similarly, your effort may help foreign industrialist to invest in your country. Sports activities can also be improved.

8. Unemployed

If you have completed your graduation and applying to get a job, you may find that every job advertisement asks for at-least 2-3 years of working experience. It is not easy to get a job for fresh pass-outs. So if by misfortune you haven't got a good job yet, start freelancing to get experience. The same interviewer who rejects you because you have no experience will ask you where you have been last 2-3 months. So don't waste your time. Start working for your career. Freelancing can be a good internship and apprenticeship. 

9. Employed/ Professional

So you are amongst the lucky one who got chance to have higher education and degrees, and successfully running your business or job. You must thanks to the Giver first. For many of others are just wishing for it. If you are bored with same kind of job, calculations and documentation and willing to try something different, you may switch for some good opportunity to utilize your potential, meanwhile you can try the freelancing platform to see whats going on, in the world, in the fields of medicine, construction, business and technology.

10. Retired

After being retired from a job, you must not become a waste for society. For, you are the gem of society. If you are the retired teacher or professor, you may have offers to write exams for professionals, company employer or aptitude test/ manuals. If you were a doctorate professional, write about your researches on medicines, health and fitness. You may lead a team of engineers to complete a mega project online in some other country, or proof construction drawings and approve it through your licence stamp.  If you are business person , there are a lot you may work for economical and financial researches.

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