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When will she become an entrepreneur?

To readers: Understand the positivity that is mentioned in this article. It is not at all in a negative sense. The message is; life has ups & downs and we need to be productive while facing it. 
Be optimistic!

Why there are very few women entrepreneurs in Pakistan? Let’s look at the challenges for a woman entrepreneur in Pakistan…
Its 10:00 am, she is all done with breakfast of family, every one has gone to their respective businesses, done with cleaning, dusting, meal is up on the stove…. ok yeah she will work now, she thought then she turns on the internet…

Pakistani entrepreneur: Oh no, no internet, then she complains asap, she complains to internet provider every day, finally it’s the 8th day since she has complained that internet is not working, the internet gets fixed…sigh….now she will work….
Next day, exactly at 10:00 am, she turns on the internet, starts working…..At 11:00 am, the electricity goes off…comes back at 1:00 pm…can she work now? No. Lunch needs to be ready by 2:00 pm. So she works for 15 non-productive minutes online, then shuts-down the laptop…For few days, light goes off from time to time… productivity she did during this hide & seek of electricity….

When will she become an entrepreneur?

The water finishes
It’s almost a month ago, when she first thought of being an entrepreneur….Its 10:00 am, she is all done with her morning chores, sits by her laptop. At 11:30 am she realizes that water is getting finished in the overhead tank, due to short supply of water in her locality. She has to leave her entrepreneurial ‘idea’ for the time being, goes to fill buckets for water storage before there is no water in the kitchen & washroom. Even though she has time to work on her idea that is popping up every day, she is now doing all the washing, cleaning, & cooking works before the water finishes. Its 1:30 pm now, 2:00 pm is lunch time, shower times, home work time, then evening tea/fruits time…..For few months, there was same routine with water, she kept struggling to finish water works, storing water…..sitting on the internet non-productively…..

When will she become an entrepreneur?

The kitchen sink tap
Five months passed since she thought that she will be an entrepreneur…from today she will work non-stop, she thinks…..but it’s only her imagination….the kitchen sink tap is stuck and the water is not flowing properly, washroom shower is leaking, there is plumbing work in kitchen & washroom…calls the plumber, the plumber shows-up after two weeks, works for few hours, keeps coming for a week, seems like he is working, but he is actually making money, showing that there is lot of work, but the work is actually of 1 hour maximum. Two more weeks pass, no productivity online due to plumbing work….

When will she become an entrepreneur?

Be productive
Alright, done with internet issues, electricity issues, water issues, plumbing issues, hmm… she will finally have time for her ideas. But will she have? Hahahahaha…No dear you don’t have time for your ideas yet…These are two months vacations of kids. She loves to play with kids, cook with kids, art & science projects with kids which they can’t do during school days, there are parties, gatherings, she likes to go with kids to parks, relatives, shopping…After two months, and fast forward 8 months since she first though she will be productive now…Well she is productive in many ways, managing house chores, family, cooking & cleaning… but not at all productive in terms of her ‘idea’…she gets time to sit in front of her laptop from time to time non-productively…she can only like pages & see what others are doing….

When will she become an entrepreneur?

Stay at home mum?
School reopens, 10:00 am again and she is in front of her laptop. 10:30 am she gets call from some relative, are you home? Yes she says… see you soon laptop she says ….They come over for lunch stay until dinner is served….. They think and they say, oh come on! what work you have to do online…you can do it any time, you stay at home…they don’t say but they really mean that you are useless you just have to see cooking & cleaning….what a thinking…

When will she become an entrepreneur?

Plus there are many many reasons that time flies so fast…holidays….eid dresses, eid preparations….…unwanted city shut down, strikes, political issues in the city …..more electricity load shedding….more water problems……gas load  shedding etc etc etc …. …… managing spiders & spider webs, cockroaches, lizards, ants…..expectations of relatives, friends, in-laws, seasonal & non-seasonal parties, .….Even weekends pass in a flash due to weekly grocery, weekly left over chores…call for an utterly boring party she can’t refuse..….Plus everyone says you have time because you don’t do a job! Come on! she thinks, what I am ‘trying’ to set up is far beyond the understanding of workers at a job!

When will she become an entrepreneur?

The time ticks
A year passes, 2 years pass, 3 years pass, & for many Pakistani, well-educated women whole life passes trying to figure out their aim in life! Their aim revolves around family, fun, Eid, shopping, matching laces, make up, kitchen, selfies & cell phones, food food food…that’s it!
These all issues seem small & seem like overcoming these is not a big deal! Yes these are small problems & are petty problems, but keep the lady busy so much so that she can’t get time for her ‘ideas’. Ladies can’t even realize their potential. Their all endeavors end at marriage while they think its pinnacle of what they could become in life… Salute to those female entrepreneurs who are residing in Pakistan, and they have managed to be a productive entrepreneur. Those who are taking care of their family & spare some time for others as well, that is the real tough task in Pakistan……Not vain!

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Thursday 24 March 2016


The word “Minar” means “Lamp” or “beacon”. Mariners struggling in sea need a lighthouse to find a way in darkness. This guidance provides them a direction and would not let them to move haphazard. In the same way, the struggler of Independence laid the foundation of a nation by passing a resolution on 23rd, March 1940, where now the Minar e Pakistan stands. Just as a lighthouse helps mariners to identify the right path, the Pakistan Resolution or Two Nations theory clarifies the concept of two nations and demand of an independent state. After a long and tiring effort of our elders, Pakistan came into being on 14 August, 1947. It is decided to built a nation monument at the place that is, Iqbal Park, Lahore. Minar is designed to reflect the struggle of freedom as well as Flag of Pakistan.

The design of the base and the first four platforms describe the history of the Pakistan Movement through architectural symbols. Rough Taxila stones have been laid on first platform representing the chaotic situation in the early stages of the freedom movement. Hammer-dressed stones are used on the second platform. On the third platform are laid carve stones, while the fourth and final platform is of highly polished marble, representing the marvelous accomplishment.

Minar e Pakistan is a 3D representation of Pakistani Flag. The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah designed the flag of Pakistan and it is taken up as National flag on the day of independence. The Pakistani flag is green and white. Green color represent Muslim’s majority, whereas white color represent the non Muslim minority. At green part of flag is a white crescent moon with a five-pointed star. The crescent and star are traditional symbols of the Islamic religion. The star symbolizes light and knowledge; the crescent moon symbolizes progress. Same theme is adopted in Minar Pakistan Construction. The 62 meter high tower rises above a platform shaped like a five-pointed star, surrounded by two crescent shaped pools lined with green and red marbles. Structure lies in green meadow field depicts the flag of Pakistan from top.

Inauguration of the project taken place after 20 year of Pakistan resolution passed. On 23 March, 1960, the foundation stone the Minar was laid. The tower was designed and supervised by engineer and architect, Nasreddin Murat Khan, assisted by Engineer Abdur Rehman Khan Niazi, who was working as Structural Design Engineer for Illeri N. Murat-Khan & Associates. Construction of the national monument took eight years, and was completed on 31 October 1968 at an estimated cost of Rs 7.5billions. Minar is a combination of modern, Islamic and mughal architecture. It is reinforced concrete structure with stainless steel dome at top. The tower above 8 meter high platform, such that the total height of structure from ground is 70 meter. At base, there is architectural pattern like petals of flower. Elevator facility is provided along with stair case inside the tower to reach the top. In the surrounding of tower, artificial lake and fountain are built in the green field. Structure is completely tiled with white marble giving a magnificent looks at night. History of Pakistan, National Anthem and Islamic Calligraphy Art are marvelously in-scripted inside the tower. Minar stands with all its glamour and magnificient in the Heart of Pakistan rminding us of our great past. 

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Freeze Your Roti Dough

This tip is for those who find it really difficult to knead the dough for roti every day. I do find it difficult to knead each day! Yes because I have other chores to do - not because I need to take some “more” rest. Kneading every day doesn’t fit into my routine. Keeping in mind that there is no alternative of a home made roti, I tried to freeze the roti dough. And it went perfect. So am sharing that tip.
As you generally do, put dry flour (whole wheat flour has much more nutrition than plain or all purpose flour) in your kneading pot. Put 6 times the amount of flour than you need for one day cooking. I knead in a very big flat surface pot (tasla). The tip for freezing the dough is that you will pour a little amount of vinegar into it. Due to the antibacterial properties of vinegar, the dough won’t get bad in taste or smell as you freeze it.  Fruit vinegar is the best but synthetic vinegar can also do the trick. You just have to sprinkle vinegar on the dry flour. Mix with fingers to make sure the vinegar has mixed evenly in the entire flour. Now add water and follow your usual steps of kneading the dough to your desired texture. I usually get non-sticky, not too hard dough after kneading a couple of times.

After kneading the dough, make six equal portions of it. Remember you have prepared 6 times the amount that you need for one day rotis. 3 portions put together an air tight plastic container & put into the refrigerator. Remaining 3 portions put in another air tight plastic container. Put it into freezer. For three days use the dough that is in the refrigerator. 
On the third day you have to take out the dough container from the freezer & put it immediately into the refrigerator. Leave it there whole night untouched. On the fourth day, at the time of cooking roti, take out the dough that was once freeze, now it’s in the refrigerator. Now it’s perfect dough for next three days. If you are smart enough & with more practice, you can increase the amount of dough, like you can dough for 8-10 days once.
This small time saving spares time for your passions, challenges, & productivity instead of just being productive inside the kitchen.        

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Tuesday 22 March 2016


Out of so many blessings we have, Water is the most precious gift. Today, the 22nd March, is celebrated as Water Day worldwide since 1993, after the recommendation of United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This day is celebrated annually under a different theme each year. Theme of year 2016 is “Water and Jobs”. Approximately 1.5 billion people, all around the world are engaged in water related fields. This theme is actually focusing the effects of quantity and quality of water, change the lives of workers and in long term, its effect on societies and economics. Numbers of conference and seminar held on the importance of water this day.








 As far as Pakistan is concerned, only few of them might be aware of about the day. They might be busy in fetching pure water for drinking or buying bottles of so called mineral water. I am astonished of the fact that is there really a shortage of water in Pakistan? I cannot believe it at least after having visit of my beloved homeland Pakistan. How can I believe when I was welcomed by far sighting Snowy Mountain at Rawalpindi, tremendously flowing River Kunaar at Abbottabad, incessant chain of Giants White masses of Ice and glaciers at Naran, Kaghan and Shogran, Waterfalls at a distant of each mile, River Neelum at Kashmir and Heavy shower at Murree. How can I believe in the shortage of water in Karchi, if I have visited the lakes and river Indus in Thatta and Bhambore, Sindh. But, on the other hand, I have witnessed people waiting in line for water, including women and children.  Every next house in our locality have a drilled well or boring facility to fulfill water needs not knowing its disadvantages, in short term its effect of health, and in long term it will draw down the underground water level. Our physicians are tired of recommending plenty of drinking to individual as every other patient have symptom of blood deficiency. Then where the water goes? Does it vanishes or evaporates all of it? Then where the water goes?
There comes a big picture. It comes repeatedly each year, in every news bulletin and every headlines of paper. Flood water is drowning numbers of villages. So many golden crops have washed away by the raising level of water. New lakes formed. Temporary barriers are failing in preventing the villages from drowning. Precious lives are flowing in water along with their houses, luggage and animals. Water level is rising at intersection of barrages. Our fields are over flooded. On the contrary, poor children are dying of hunger and insufficient provision of drinking water at Thar. Isn’t it seemed confusing?
Sustainable utilization of water is possible if we contribute both industrially and individually. The possible solutions on industrial level might include:

  • Construction of water reservoir to save rain and flood water.
  • Adopting advance irrigation techniques such as sprinklers, drip irrigation etc. instead of flooding the whole field.
  • Waste water treatment plants.
  • Desalination of sea water.
  • Avoid contaminating natural resources of water with chemical and toxic wastage of industries.
On individual level, we can save water by:
·    Using recycle water for flushing.
·    Use water of dish washing for plants. Do watering in early morning or late afternoon.
·    Turn off tap, while brushing or applying face wash.
·    Fix a dripping faucet at first priority.
·    Install water saving shower heads and low flow faucet aerators.
·    Avoid over flowing of underground and overhead water tanks.
·    Use spray nozzle for washing cars. Use of waterless car washing system is better preferred.
We have abundance of water resources, what we need is to utilize it properly. We must think about thirst stricken of desert before wasting a single glass of it. Water is a precious gift of nature. Drink plenty, but don’t waste a little.  

Fast Track Fitness

Take a water bottle then try to take out water as fast as you can, bottle will get damaged but if you take out water slowly, it will not lose its original shape. A month before any occasion/celebration for a particular day if you start doing extremely tiring exercise just for that day, you may shine & think that rest is OK. Well, rest is not OK.

How can one stay healthy when one is feeling that one is in a daily grind rather than becoming happier via exercise? More over these extremely fast fat burning workouts go like lose 5 kg in 1 month, Guarantee! They try that one totally focuses the mind in to getting smarter, no matter what! But have you seen those who were slimmest once & now fattest than none?
We dwell in such day & age when all types of fitness programs are mushrooming around the globe. Plus the media is provoking us to get to size zero asap! The media has poured into our minds that if one is not size zero, one is out of business. This is the reason why there are countless boot camps & fitness challenges that are fluttering in our city as well. You have to see how many negative comments some are getting. 
These fast track & costly slimming programs are offered without thought process or long term health consideration of the participants. Participants try to push themselves to the ultimate limit, which is applicable to few people & not all of them. Also, the participants are mostly under pressure. It’s almost like a rat race that one is trying to loose fat faster than other.
If you are under pressure due to your weight loss routine then you might develop other issues like anger, depression, sleeplessness, mood-swings, & fatigue. Trying to get to desired weight & fitness level, people are stressed, depressed, sleepless, unfocused & their anxiety levels are beyond bounds.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

One should keep in mind that there is absolutely no no no fast way, no easy way, & no sneak way to ultimate fitness. It’s a lifetime investment. Staying healthy is a lifestyle & not a goal. Once you have achieved your target weight, it’s not the pinnacle rather it’s only the start of your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

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Monday 21 March 2016


DOLMEN MALl clifton karachi:another side of the picture

Dolmen Mall Clifton has revolutionized the retail landscape of Pakistan. Located at the waterfront, at the intersection of the upscale Defence and Clifton neighborhoods, this mall integrates the best in food, fashion and leisure. It provides the Pakistani shopper exclusive access to some of the world’s most popular retail brands and eateries, attracting customers from all over the country to its doors.

The above content is plagiarized from the site .These images can be the capture of your own camera while doing shopping or having a brunch or enjoying the mesmerizing view from sea. People may know the location of their favorite designer outlet, the taste of the eateries served there or game area etc. but I want to show you the another side of picture here.
It was a windy evening of February 9, 2015, when I have asked to visit the site of Dolmen Mall Clifton. The construction of two new Towers was going on and labors were working on 7th and 8th Floor of the building. Though I was not the Chief Engineer of the project, I was involved in doing a research evaluation using this project. I went there to find some understanding of the construction which would help me in my work. I have taken number of pictures for clarification of my concept. I hope this article and pictures will help the young engineer to get perception as well as develop interest of students in the field of Civil Engineering. For others, It may be a warning ;) (Winks).

A view of city from top of the tower of Dolmen Mall

The population growth of Karachi is so rapid that now it has start limiting the Arabian Sea and pushing it back from the shore. Few shrubs can be seen in this massive concrete jungle; are trying to absorb the bulk of Carbon Dioxide produced by the inhabitant. If city was planned properly, picture might be a little better. But now we need more towers of Dolmen Mall to fulfill the lavish desires of urban of this mega metropolitan.
This was the first capture I have taken as I reached the top of 8th Floor. Oh, let me tell you how I have reached at top. I reached by temporary lift installed at site up-to the top of 7th floor, and then used metal scaffolding to reach the 8th floor. One more thing, I have worn a civil engineering hat and comfortable shoes with a piece of paper and pen in a handy valet. Before posting picture, I want you tell you a brief about project. Central wet area of the structure is cored with concrete shear wall varying in thickness (thickness reduce gradually as we go the upper story) whereas surrounding area is framed by steel girders with metal deck spanning over it. One the edges there are solid reinforced concrete columns. Planning wise, central core area consists of lavatories, stores and locker rooms, stairs and lift lobbies while shops and restaurants are located at periphery. Steel girders are supporting on the pockets made in core walls on one side and on corbels on other side. Purlins are provided at equal span of about 4 to 5ft. Over the steel frame, metal deck is laid and fixed by using steel studs and welding. Use of metal deck reduces the slab thickness up-to 2” to 3” depending upon the type of metal deck used. In local construction we have seen wooden shuttering or formwork which does not give smooth surface after removal of formwork, but here you can see steel formwork, if done properly it does not required plaster. The use of steel girder reduce structural load on foundation, workmanship and unit cost of the project as compared to that of reinforced concrete structure. This is what my assessment was about. The pictures below will tell you rest of the story of visit.



Saturday 19 March 2016