Friday 29 April 2016



It was a summer aftrenoon, we were busy in submission of RCD Assignment of our Dean who is now PRO VICE CHNACELLOR OF NEDUET, Great Sahibzada Farooq Ahmed Refeeqi. When I came back after submission of assignent, I saw the legend cricketer in lawn outside the PVC's office. Luckily I have taken his autograph on a A4 paper in my hand. 

Wednesday 27 April 2016


Many of you have read funny news in school time in function to entertain your fellow. This is a funny news written by me in university department magazine. A civil engineer specially NEDIAN will definitely enjoy reading it. It will remind people of the memory of childhood funny news. 


When you are in school, your parents told you to work hard and get good grades so that you can enjoy your college life. My father told me on first day of college, "COLLEGE LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE", When you enter in college, You had to work even more harder to get admission in University. On my return way from college, I used to saw the vast ground area of university anxiously and thinking of the fun of University Life. But that anxiety came to an end when I realized that I have to prepare for 11 theory courses and 8 practicals instead of 6 subjects and 2 practicals of intermediate a year. After 4 years of struggle, university life came to end. Now, started a professional life. Thinking to sit like a boss in a comfortable chair in a chill AC environment and to be called an Engineer, I started my career. Oh!! But the burden of work.. Long hour sitting in front of computer.. Office Politics.. When will be the time to enjoy life???

You will never find time to enjoy life, unless you wanted to be. Yes, you have to find out happiness in little thing. Being professional does not mean you can not smile or laugh, play games, watch cartoons or other hobbies. As far as you are good at completing the task in giving time with required perfection, you are free to entertain yourself. 

Many International companies are adopting and working on fun filled, friendly working environment where employees would enjoy their work. You can google about the facilities that GOOGLE is offering to its employee. A real and strategic business owner encourage good working environment, timely paying employees, appreciating and encouraging their work, not putting unrealistic deadlines and make office attractive for workers. 

What we can do personally to enjoy our self at work?? 

First thing is choose your profession of your own choice. I chose Civil Engineering as my profession. I chose Pre- Engineering in Intermediate due to my interest in Mathematics, although I was a biology science student in matriculation. You might be thinking, how boring I am? I must be a black girl working in a male profession. First thing is Civil is not male field. Structural Designing is totally a female field. Secondly, I keep the childishness inside me alive all the time. How? See!!

These are the extruded 3D views of my models made on Structural Engineering Software Etabs. These are drawn in line diagram, with such a hectic calculation running behind. On classic mode it give two boring colors on screen, but I have made my work a fun by changing color themes for different structural members and enjoying 3D view for few moments in between my work just to refresh myself to do the tough mathematics. Below is about 60 storey building model. In between working on the thick file of calculation work and reading difficult language of building codes, I consider to choose a pleasing color theme that will not let me bore or tire my eye. 

You work in office for 8 hours daily that means 1/3 of your life. You used to decorate your home, so why not your desk. How to decorate your desk and surrounding? A resarch says, If you are working several hours in front of computers, chances are you will get older early. Walking barefoot on green grass and looking greenry freshens you and make you livelier. So If you own an office, design it such that, it offer a pleasant view across the windows like one of my work place:

Or atleast put a flask of plant, that can grow in shade, on your office desk. You can decorate your desk by putting charts, quotations or images on soft board.

This is you can do to entertain yourself while working. 
How to make good working environment?

Celebrate little events, treats and gifts can add your colleagues in the list of good friends. 

Life is too short to wait for a happy moment. Make every moment worth living. Be positive and do not forget to wear a beautiful smile along with your DESIGNER DRESS and BRANDED ACCESSORIES. 


Sunday 24 April 2016

The mouse and the lion

A story written in Ms Word. Borders and designs in Ms Word. Art drawn in Ms Paint according to story, then the art is inserted into Ms Word. Then the doc was saved as PDF. Then parts of story were copied in Ms Paint. Finally, we see it...

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                         The Bird

Story written & designed by,
Asma Khurram

Saturday 23 April 2016

What to Cook Today?

What to Cook Today? This is a question which has to be faced by every women daily. Specially in summer season when everyone is asking for light food and avoid heavy stuff like meat and eggs. There is a limited list of vegetables available. When you try to make some different dish, it requires numbers of ingredients. Some are not even easily available in local markets.  This is such difficult question that a website named Myfridgefood have been built to let them decide. Aah!! could we have website to make food as well?
Today, I am sharing two simple recipes using basic ingredients like floor, rice and lentils etc. That can be prepared with very lesser effort and ingredients, but it tastes so yummy. Must try if you looking to make something new with routine grocery.

1. Bread Made of Rice:

I am not going to tell you the recipe of Bread made of rice flour. Its bread made of rice grain. If you have plain boil rice as left over meal, do not waste it instead make a tasty snack out of it. All you need is:

  • Plain Boil Rice
  • Onion
  • Green/ Red Chilies
  • Salt
  • Wheat Flour
  • Cooking Oil
Take a bowl of plain boiled rice, Chop some onion and green chilies finely into it . Add chopped onion in Rice Bowl. Put some salt as per taste. You can used Grind red chilies if you love spices. Try to make a dough of it. Sprinkle Wheat Flour in to it, so that dough can be made easily. Put some cooking oil in pan, no more than 2 teaspoon. Spread  the rice dough over pan and cover it. Let it cook until golden brown color appear. Similarly fry the other side. Bread made of Rice is ready to serve. You may have it with chutni at lunch or you may enjoy it as a snack with tea. A crispy fried rice bread is too appetizing to have with a cup of tea, lemon tea or green tea. It will take just few minutes to make it ready. Also you can save leftover meal by going into waste. 

2. Daal Pithi

Many of you have watched the KNORR cube advertisement which add the taste of chicken in Daal, so that Kids enjoy eating it. I am sharing you a recipe that will make your Daal more appetizing than that of Knorr cubes. Daal is simple you made using yellow and orange lentils of  Moong and Masoor. Pithi is cute dumpling made of wheat flour. Instead of making Daal Roti, try this recipe. Ingredients are:
  • Orange Lentil (Daal Masoor)
  • Yellow Lentil (Daal Moong)
  • Tumeric Powder
  • Red Chillies
  • Salt
  • Wheat Flour
  • Cumin
  • Oil
Make a Daal of Moong Masoor as you do in routine. Make a Roti with Wheat Flour but do not cook it. Make square pieces of approximately 2"x2" with it.  Join the diagonal corners of square piece and make a dumpling as shown in figure. You may involve your kids in the activity of making dumpling, they will definitely love to do it. Add dumpling in Daal and let it cook for half an hour. Add fried cumin over it for taste. Daal Pithi is ready. You can serve it with green chutney and achaar. 

Well, the dish is not something new. But many of us have forgotten the traditional taste in this age of fast foods which is actually not fast but junk. If you know such traditional dishes, please share them here and bring the healthy food tradition back. Trust me, you will forgot your pasta after having this homemade pasta. You may add tarmarind or tomato as per your taste.

Friday 22 April 2016



10. Carerra Lake- Chile

Taj mahal is famous for its shinning white marble beauty. Creation of this monument is the result of several year of labor. But we can see natural monument made of marble in the middle of deep blue lake, Lake Carerra. This monument is supposed to be cathedral. Formation of cathedral took place in more than 6000 years. Lake Carerra is the largest lake in Chile and the fourth largest lake in Angentenia, South America.  The lake is famous for fishing and beautiful stones. The marine species that can be found there in abundant includes trout and salmon. The bed of lake is floored with Turquoise, Emerald, Azure and Aquamarine. Lake changes its color from turquoise to deep blue with the change of climate. White Cathedral in between blue water and cold environment could bring you in dream of Paradise.

You can turn off a flame by throwing water over it. But there is a flame that continues to burn under flowing water. Eternal Flame Fall located in Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York is a unique water fall where natural gas is seeping from the micro holes in the rock. It is said to be an activity of bio organism or movement of tectonic plate that have made holes or crack in the Shale-Rock causing emission from natural gas from ground. This natural gas consists of ethane and propane. Approximately 1 kg of gas is emitted from the hole per day. The fall can be seen in Rain or spring season. The surrounding of Fall feel smelly due to concentration of methane and other hydrocarbons.

12. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees -Hawaii
We have seen painted trunks of trees in Parks and decorated with lights over it. It gives a pleasant view. But the Eucalyptus Deglupta is painted by nature with beautiful colors of rainbow.  The bark of baby plant is bright initially as it grows it turn to blue, purple, orange and maroon tone consecutively. These rainbow tree forests can be seen in island of Maui, Hawaii. Not only giving a mesmerizing view to the visitor, the pulp of the tree is used to make paper.

13. Black sand beach- Hawaii
Black Sand Beach is type of TOUCH ME NOT. What does it mean? I will explain later. You might be thinking that why I have included it in ASTONISHING PLANET, as we made numbers of picnic at Sea View Beach which has been Blacked or Dirtied by us. Black Sand Beach is not a result of pollution by humans but it is due volcanic activity in the area. Anyone think of making road of bitumen and asphalt along the coast but that how long it could survive?  Black and white is a favorite combination and addition of Green Coconut trees and Turtle made it epic yet astonishing. Black sand is non-sticky so you can have a walk over it for a mean while. Yes after a few moments you will feel aching in your toe. You can’t have a dive or swim, as the beach is quite rocky. You can’t even touch the turtles on beach as them can’t tolerate the bacteria present in a normal human hands as they do not have good immune system. Up till now you have understand the meanings of TOUCH ME NOT. But you can enjoy the view sitting in a luxury hotel and capturing the sight.

Episode#1 and Episode#2 are here for those who have missed to be astonished. 

Thursday 21 April 2016


First of all, I would like to thanks to all the viewers and likers of my blog Astonishing Planet. I am so glad to see the unexpected double century within a week of time. It rans million gallons of blood in my veins and I am inspired by myself ;) (winks)
It definitely required lots of work to publish an episode that infact my siblings laugh at me that I am doing a lot more effort for just a single blog. But by mean of this blog, I am not only giving you the way of Inspiration but enjoying writing it as well.
Usually many of us have habit of using social site to get entertained in leisure time. Most of the sites the female like and views are Fashion, Cooking, Shopping etc. It look likes everyone is doing the same job. Every next video or post is of any recipe or make up tutorial. You may found number of blogs with health and beauty tips. Having a technological background, I am trying to engage women toward technological aspects in simplest way. I want to let them aware of the world out of beaty salon and kitchen. The numbers of viewers and likes made me realize that I am doing a right thing. Tell me if I am wrong.
Episode # 3 ..................
Coming Soon,........
Till then have a glimpse of upcoming episodes!!


Monday 18 April 2016

Elizabeth Holmes could not be under fire today if she was…

Who hasn’t heard about Bill gates? Popular, billionaire, inspiring etc...Who hasn’t heard about Steve Jobs? Popular, billionaire, inspiring etc…Well, who hasn’t heard about Elizabeth Holmes? She also is compared with Bill Gates & Steve Jobs for popularity. She is a billionaire, inspiring, & self-made entrepreneur.

Elizabeth Holmes’ is a story that could happen only in America”, Henry A. Kissinger.

Elizabeth Holmes left Stanford University not for money, not for marriage, not for culture, not for a prince**, not for being lazy, not for cooking but for a solid vision of utilizing her skills for the betterment of others. She knew that what she was pursuing could lead her to dead-end, but if she is lucky she could become an inspiring billionaire and guess what? She is the world’s youngest female billionaire. She is founder-CEO of biotech giant Theranos, again a Silicon Valley startup….where else on earth could the biggest startups start!

Theranos promised to transform health care by offering cheap, fast, & accurate blood tests by collecting few drops of blood, rather than filled syringes & tubes. Theranos is under fire today, as there are questions against its technology & deficient lab practices. Some are saying that Theranos is not upto promise of delivering blood tests results taking few drops and also patients’ health is at stake after these tests. Companies are reported to pullback from Theranos. Health regulators propose to ban Elizabeth Holmes from lab testing for at least two years as Theranos is unable to fix blood-testing problem. Elizabeth Holmes is putting her efforts to save Theranos and Theranos has submitted a plan of correction to the authorities.

Something wishy-washy & nano-tainers
“Any test can be run from a tiny sample for less cost….Any one will get actionable, accessible health information at the time it matters…..We see a world where comprehensive lab test, cheap, from few drops of blood…..”, Elizabeth Holmes at TED MED.
When you introduce something new that challenges decades long practices, there are obviously hands that rise against that innovation. But there definitely is something wishy-washy as Theranos is not offering what was claimed. Some tests do use ‘nano-tainers’ but majority are traditionally done. Let’s see to which position the camel sits. Will Elizabeth Holmes get banned?

If Elizabeth Holmes was Pakistani
The idea here is that, Elizabeth Holmes could not be under fire today if she was a Pakistani dwelling in Pakistan. How? Because she might have other ‘Pakistani’ troubles to take care of. At the age of 19 when Elizabeth Holmes got the idea of blood testing revolution, she could be either married or not. If married, she might have 1000 chores to finish 24/7 so she wouldn’t have time to think anything beyond her home. She could be productive*** in kitchen or whatever you can think of. If not married, she could constantly be mentally abused by family, aunties, neighbors, any person on the road etc. that she looks like a mommy & that she should get married, haww you are not married yet? What you will do in life? You are not productive*** so far???? Or she might be struggling in the Pakistan’s educational system’s rat-race of getting “high grades” in order to get admitted to a university that offers a degree. It’s a war of ‘survival of the fittest’. So the chance of being youngest entrepreneur & a billionaire is lost. After getting a degree she could become billionaire? Well, her parents & aunties*** might be pouring into her head to ‘GET MARRIED, YOU CAN BECOME A BILLIONAIRE ANY TIME.’ Ladies with their |dumb| sons could keep eye on her so she could become their |house-maid|. And live happily ever after trying to make the in-laws ***happy who could never become happy of course. While making the best round roti, as her circle of life would revolve around rotis, she wouldn’t know what is it like to be a billionaire.

Her perseverance style
Due to these situations in Pakistan, her confidence level & perseverance style as she is presenting today despite all the fingers that are pointing towards her since last year, all that could be zero. She might end up wetting the pillow with tears at nights as most of Pakistani girls do, even at the petty problems like getting 2 marks lesser than she expected in exams or being told that her roti is not round. But because Elizabeth Holmes is a tech-savvy & she is able to live her dreams at the tech hub, Silicon Valley, look at how confidently she talks to opposition & defends Theranos.

It’s never a question of being banned or not, 
It’s a question of being brave or not!

                In the Neighborhood

Actual background presented & story melodramatized by,

Friday 15 April 2016

Artwork 2

This art is drawn by a maid's daughter. She does cleaning works with her mother in other's houses whole day in order to support her family. She has sketched her thoughts with limited material which was given to her from a home where she works. 
Look and feel how she sketches her dreams!

She wants long clean nails, with nail enamel on that is most matching to her outfit. 

She lives in her own wondrous world of glamour while she mops a floor of others' house.

She also wants to live in dream home. 

She is most interested in beautiful clean hands, hands that have never seen work.

She has learnt to write her name, that makes her among the 'literate' in Pakistan.

She wants a better life, she wants to study, she wants to go to school! But she knows that she will soon be tied to a man in the name of marriage, she doesn't know how much elder than her will he be & of what character. She knows that after that it wont be a happy ending, then she will work in other's homes for the rest of her life in order to earn for her offspring & her in-laws just like her mother has been doing ever-since.
She wants to feel better than just a maid ('masi') but she doesn't know how to? She is just sketching hoping for a future better than the present!

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