Sunday 28 January 2018

Power Seeds – Superfoods – Chia Seeds & Basil Seeds

Use power seeds that are superfoods
Line up your wellbeing
Cure yourself physically & emotionally 

Today, we linger at the verge of our pitiable lifestyles followed by health issues. Almost every one complains about flu, headache, body pain, stomach problems, skin & hair, anxiety, etc. & un-identified unknown conditions. 
People are struggling with deteriorating health; prescriptions after prescriptions; test after tests; doctors after doctors; homeopaths after allopaths; i.e. no way out & don’t know how to get through this?
Along with subtracting JUNK food & extra medicines from our diet, we better start looking into healing our gut thus healing our bodily conditions.   
Here are two power packed seeds that come in the category of superfoods. By adding these to diet, they improve health by gradually healing the stomach & body’s inflammations.

***** CHIA SEEDS *****
Chia seeds are regarded as superfoods as these are energy-boosting, nutrient-rich, and cancer-fighting power seeds. Chia seeds are perfectly oval, some are white and most of them are dark grey. There are tiny markings on them as well. Chia seeds are known to be food of warriors & runners. Those who are low at energy must try including chia seeds in their diet as they improve metabolism. Chia seeds are fiber-rich & contain omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, protein, and vitamins. Chia seeds are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, cholesterol regulating, skin friendly, muscle toning, bone & teeth strength, digestive health supporting, and blood sugar controlling. Also, good for the heart & lower blood pressure. Once consumed, chia seeds function as prebiotics in the gut and feed the healthy gut bacteria i.e. probiotics.

How to include chia seeds in diet?
Add ½ - 1 tea spoon of chia seeds in quarter cup water. Let it soak for 15 – 30 minutes or even more when used for baking. You can simply fill up the cup and drink it or add some lime juice in it with or without honey. Chia seeds do not have to be soaked all the times. These can be sprinkled over yogurts or salads or add into smoothies or shakes. Chia seeds can be added to bakery as well & work as an egg substitute.

Where to get chia seeds in Pakistan?
Chia seeds are called ‘tukhme doodhi’ or ‘tukhme sharbatee’ in Urdu. Chia seeds are not easily available at grocery or 'perchun ki dukaan'. You need to find some organic stores to buy these. Searching online is the best option. Chia seeds are costly seeds. But do not cost as much when we compare the benefits they provide to the body. There is only one store in Karachi, that I know & I order online chia seeds from that store. (Upon asking, I will tell about that store)

***** BASIL SEEDS *****
Basil seeds are nutrient-packed, anti-aging, & weight-maintaining dietary fiber. Basil seeds are tiny black, pointed from one end, & elongated-oval shape. These are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, & anti-bacterial seeds and are source of protein, iron and vitamin K. Basil seeds heal the body, reduce fever, improve digestion, cure stomach acidity, improve vision, clear skin & hair, cure anxiety, and take care of blood sugar, stress, cholesterol and blood pressure.

How to include basil seeds in diet?
Add ½ - 1 tea spoon of basil seeds in quarter cup water. Let it soak for 15 – 30 minutes or even more. You can simply fill up the cup and drink it or add some lime juice in it with or without honey. Unlike chia seeds which may or may not be soaked before consumption, basil seeds work better when they are soaked. In Pakistan, basil seeds are generally used in Ramadhan at iftaar time with Rooh Afza or Jam e Shirin prepared with milk or water. The idea is to provide coolness & energy to the body. Basil seeds are also used in various ‘falooda’ recipes.

Where to get basil seeds in Pakistan?
Basil seeds are called ‘tukh malanga’ or ‘tukhme balanga’ in Urdu or ‘sabja’ (Hindi) or ‘tukhmaria’ or ‘tulsi’ (Bengali). Basil seeds are easily available in grocery stores & ‘perchun ke dukaan’. Basil seeds are available at cheap prices. 

Superfoods lover,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram

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