Wednesday 26 June 2019

Whats your BMI

BMI - Body Mass Index was studied for science exhibit.
BMI of exhibit's participants & audience was calculated manually.
BMI wheel was made for exhibit.

BMI explored and calculated by,
Asma Khurram

Model of virus

Model of virus is made for science exhibit. There are a lots of maths, tools, glittering sheets, thermocol, imagination, and artwork is required to finalize it.

Models presented by,
Hafsa Khurram

Motor plane

A motor plane is made using popsicle sticks. Attached with motor. Fixed with a fan which rotates when the motor switch is turned on.

Plane assembled by,
Asma Khurram

Art and paint with thermocol

Thermocol is a good medium for kids art. Get them a safe paper cutter and let them dive into imagination. Thermocol can be cut into various shapes. Then it can be painted aesthetically.

Pakistan map envisioning green country.
By Asma Khurram

Shining & colorful star.
By Hafsa Khurram

World map showing colorful continents using thermocol.
By Asma Khurram

Flower Vase Artwork

1.     First draw vase shape with pencil.
2.     Using glue stick the lace in circling design inside the vase.
3.     Put paint brush or finger tips in the different color paints.
4.     Put spots over the vase to look like flowers.
5.     Draw lines to show flower stems.
6.     Flower vase is ready and beautiful.

Artwork by,
Hafsa Khurram


Plaster of Paris Art

1.     Make a paste of plaster of paris using water.
2.     Put the paste in selected molds like hearts, flowers.
3.     Leave it for at least 1 hour.
4.     Take out the dried shapes out of the molds.
5.     Paint with various colors.
6.     Let the paint dry.
7.     The beautiful art pieces are ready.
8.     These can be used as paper weights or decoration.

Plaster of Paris artwork by,
Asma Khurram