Wednesday 26 September 2018


We are dwellers of this jiggery world that constantly manipulates us & tells that what ever we have been doing is wrong & we must change ourselves. There are deep rooted & long planned victimization schemes for us, that are conveyed to us in a hidden format in the name of enlightenment, better health, better looks, fitness goals, & being in a presentable state for others. And if we follow such things, we are obliviously being victimized.

Here's how:

Lets understand our victimization scenario by taking an example of paratha cooked in desi ghee & vegetable omelet that we used to eat in breakfast.

We are told that paratha cooked with desi ghee & desi style omelet is harmful for our health & hinders in our fitness goals. And we will get nothing but gaining weight due to it. Lekin bhook lo lagay gi na to kya khaeein? Then we are told to buy this expensive multigrain, sugar free, cholesterol free, gluten free, dairy free, fat free....aur pata nehe kya kya free cereal. Jisko kha ker dimagh our health donun say free hojatay hainThe cereal contains not only sugars & fattening stuff but also contain many agents like preserving agent, leavening agent and many other purposefully induced agents. The food colors are added & many things are added that are alien to gut microbiota thus mange to reverse a healthy guts ecology. Plus colors are known to flourish cancer cells. 
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did FOOD INDUSTRY? For their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

By avoiding paratha & its delicious ghee what else happens? The fat levels that are essential for maintaining good vitamin D levels also go down. Because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and when we do not get enough fat, vitamin D levels go down as a result. Then we are told that oh your vitamin D levels are down so get vitamin D injection. Vitamin supplements and pills are introduced in the market and people are consuming those like there is no vitamin available in nature. 
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did PHARMACEUTICALS? For their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

Plus, we are told to wear sun block when going in sun so even lesser levels of vitamin D remain in the body. Sun block we get from who? Pharma...... And many brands of sun-blocks might trigger cancer along with keeping the person vitamin D deficient. When vitamin D is low in body, calcium is not absorbed, bones & teeth get fragile then we rush to ORTHOPEDIC & DENTIST, yet again. 
When calcium is low, then a person is diagnosed with osteoporosis. Then its treatment etc. Then again who is the beneficiary? When bones are weak, they get brittle and there are high chances for bones to get broken with little jerk. And if a bone is broken, then obviously to emergency doctor. 
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did any of above industry?  For their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

Why food industry will not get profit of our miserable condition? How ferociously good are they? They happily introduce their "Calcium rich" milk. They tell especially women that you have to consume this. Consuming genetically altered 'fluid' which they call milk is not a milk at all & it can give more harm than good.   
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did any of above industry? 

In today's world, truth is deemed as false. The dirtiest lie can be the most common thing & seems to be the truth. How we are exposed to such lies? From internet and there is million billion of money revolving around what people view, like, react to, share and comment online. On the contrary there is total media blackout whether TV media or social media when it comes to the truth.
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did TV MEDIA & SOCIAL MEDIA? For their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

And at last but not the least advertisements are consuming our 'common sense'. We all know how advertisements beautify their harmful products, thus compel us use a particular brand with their illusion based tactics. In this case they convince us that a particular model's bones are strong because she drinks their brand's calcium enriched milk. Don't we know that model's are glamorized & portrayed to make a fool out of us? Using genetically altered milk is yet another story.
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did any of above industry + COSMETICS industry? For their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

Then we become weak & loose control over our own body due to using unnatural products & medical interventions while we also are malnourished. Then comes the freshness that declines, our face is not fresh, eyes are not sparkly, skin wrinkles, hair fall & whitening starts, then we look for artificial procedures to look better at a shadi…so we go to stylist, beautician, dietitian to make us "correct". They have also invented beautifying procedures like surgeries, treatments, injections, pills and blah blah.
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US?Did any of above industry? For their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

When we are malnourished despite “money “and “brains”and always have bad taste in mouth due to non-natural, GMO food, & carcinogenic intakes, also due to furious amount of medicines & injections then we end up watching recipes but we never cook those. We like, comment, share, react to those recipes. The social media gets the benefit.
SO WHO VICTIMIZED US? Did any of above industry? just for their profits? Which concerned authority is checking on this point?

Again, when we are malnourished; every now & then power foods are introduced with the recipes that can do wonders to our bodies. Those foods are totally expensive & alien to our gut's biodiversity. Those food include multigrain bread, unhealthy sweeteners, breakfast cookies, power bars, protein powder, vitamin & mineral rich supplements, even earth powder & other pills. We 'happily' try to consume those by giving high prices. Apnay desi ghee ka protein istemaal ker lo khushee say, ye protein powder kya hota hay?  


Then, when we are malnourished & hungry at any time we can easily consume extreme calories food like store bought halwa poori or go to Mc Donald for a Sunday brunch. I mean why we can't cook halwa poori at home with desi ghee in a hygenic way? Time nehe hay? Han kyun k sara time to doctor k paas janay mein or andriod per lag jata hay. 

Aur ab hum say ghee ke consumption hata ker khud to ghee or clarified butter use ker rahay hain west mein. It is known as a 'healthy fat' & symbol of longevity & fitness. Chura lya hay hum say…

Brain has high portion of fat. When it is not getting required amount of fat, it tends to shrink & lose out on its capabilities. We are hearing about alzheimer's disease. What do you think can you connect it with poor diet? umm..Yes.  
There are other issues that arise from malfunctioning of brain i.e. depression, anxiety, stress, bad behavior, and we go to some one to calm us down with pills. Yet again...pills pills pills.....


Now what? 

We are always suffering with flu, runny nose, sore throat, pains & aches, & low energy levels. We difficultly complete our daily chores. Thus we have no time & energy left for a healthy, fulfilling, and energetic life style. All of it is followed by medication, antibiotics, medicinal drugs to suppress the condition, injection after injection, & even lifetime medication. Thus we become slaves literally of professionals & mafia. 

Is that it? No.

Comes to think of it, what we are passing on to the next generation? Sickness, hurry & rush, confused brains, stuck in the circle as oppose to freshness, happiness, and doing things that are meant to be done in life!
Kids are sicker & sicker. Kids are stuck with android & apps. Kids are stuck in routine that is trying to make them yet another generation of slaves that thinks alike, do things alike, and can not come out of that mindset.  






Tu meray dostun ghar mein bana hoa khana say behtar koe packaged food nehe hay aur bahar koe 
sehat-baksh ghaza nehe milte.


Paratha cooked in pure desi ghee not only provides nutrition but it also helps control sugar levels, improves metabolism, is anti-aging, meant for longevity & youthfulness. Plus, it helps body maintain vitamin D levels that are essential for good levels of calcium.       

To meray aqalmand saathyio…don’t fall into the pit and do not present your self to be vulnerable & victimized.

This blog is giving information for you to search for yourself. It is not an advice in any sense. It is up to you what you choose & what not.

Victimization survivor & woke up due to a bash,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram

Kids health and food art

Is eating time a struggle?

Let your kids get nutrition through food art. Helping children love their food is one of the best gift you can offer to your child.  

Let the kids have some creative 'me time' while they get nutrition. Let them snack on fruits & veggies instead of packaged junk.

Let the kids be involved with simple food preparation as they learn focus, grip, precision, and coordination skills while using the knife.

DO NOT make food time a SCREEN TIME! It will ruin your children's love of food and will deteriorate their health. 

Bananas and watermelon can be shaped into a ROOSTER! 
Fun, child's me time, health, and nutrition all in one plate! 

Fruit rooster prepared by,
Asma Khurram

Is math fun for kids?

Kids can learn math & shapes better in a fun and interesting way. Instead of memorizing & memorizing in a shrivel style. This way math does not become problematic, and feels fascinating. Thus the child doesn't loose out on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Math should be an engaging activity. When learning shapes, set different objects that are near by separately e.g. rectangle, cuboid, sphere, & cylinder.

Math fascinates. 

Shapes set by,
Hafsa Khurram

Thursday 30 August 2018

Wednesday 29 August 2018

A beautiful poem - My Plants

Let the kids spare some time in creativity.

Let the kids speak their mind in the form of poem.

Appreciate kids for their creativity.

Here is a beautiful poem about beautiful plants.

Written & composed by beautiful,
Hafsa Khurram 

Oats recipes for breakfast - in Pakistan

Oats are fiber-rich and among the healthiest grains that contain antioxidants, vitamins as well as minerals like iron and zinc. Here are some more insights about oats....   

Health & well-being
Oats improve immune system i.e. body is able to fight against bacterial and viral infections. Having oats in breakfast at least 3-4 times a week help maintaining over all well-being. Studies are being carried out that oats may help fight against developing cancer. Cancer is basically unusual growth and when the body is functioning well with enriched food, the cancer would not develop. Oats are also being studied to have a relaxed feeling in asthma patients. Oats contain those types of antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory and anti-itch. Eczema patients must consume oats along with other precautions and healthy food.

If you care about your health and looking for the options to stay healthy, including oats in your diet is better than merely a healthy choice. I do not understand why only sick people consider consuming oats. Oats are healthy for those as well who seem healthy. Focus your health first instead of taste and chatkhara and have oats in breakfast.     

Heart health & obesity
Oats lower cholesterol levels and help treating heart diseases. High blood pressure patients also consume oats for a better feel. Consuming oats lowers blood sugar so these are good for diabetic patients as well. As sugar feeds cancer cells, so lowering sugar might help prevent cancer. Those willing to fight with obesity consider having oats as these make a person feel full with little amount and for longer time.    

It is almost impossible to get children to finish their meals especially breakfast before school. Considering health benefits of oats and the fact that they can be consumed in variety of ways and flavors, these are perfect in breakfast. Oats are known to relieve constipation symptoms so kids / adults with constipation issues should consume oats. Those kids who have gluten allergies, oats are good substitute as these are gluten free.

How to consume oats?

Oats can be eaten when soaked in water or milk as overnight oats, cooked at stove top as porridge, or baked in recipes like bread, cookies, and granola.

Oats tasty recipes

Oats porridge
Oats porridge (dalya) can be prepared with milk or water at the stove top with jaggery (gur) added.

Overnight oats
Soak oats in milk or water for at least 3 hours or overnight. Add some chia seeds for nutrition. Add a couple of dates for richness & sweetness. Next morning add some fruit slices like banana, strawberry, mango, or apple. Enjoy!

Oats cookies
Make cookie dough with oats, cacao nibs, raisins, jaggery (gur), unsalted natural butter.  Add an egg or 1/2 tsp baking powder if desired but not required. Add water / milk to if too thick. Make cookie shape. Bake in a preheated oven at 2500C for at least 12 minutes or so. Enjoy!

Oats green smoothie
Blend oats, frozen banana, fresh spinach, and lemon juice. Add water if required. This is so refreshing green smoothie. If you want some sweetness then add honey. 

Oats granola
Take oats (you can take barley porridge as well) then add honey to it. Add some nuts. Lotus seeds (makhana) can also be added in winters. Most important part is to dehydrate thinly cut apple or pear chunks, and then add to oats. Let all of the above in a wide baking dish to bake on low flame around 150C. Once the granola is golden, it’s done. Let it cool then store in airtight container. Have homemade cereal granola with smoothie / milk / yogurt / fruits in the breakfast!

Oats with fruit crumble 
In a bowl add oats, whole wheat flour, and cold butter and gently massage this into a coarse crumble mixture. Add honey or jaggery (gur). In a separate baking dish or cooking pan, bake or cook apple chunks or berries at low heat until juicy & tender. Sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Adjust your sweetness using honey but these are wonderful as it is. Now, in a baking dish first put the cooked fruits then layer the crumble mixture on top. Bake for 15 minutes at 2500C or until top layer turns golden. Bon appetite!

Oats bread
This bread is made in a traditional way using whole wheat flour and oats. Yeast was proofed & used to dough. Then dough was left for proofing twice. Then baked for 35 min at 2500C.

Friend with oats = unfriend sickness
Tried & tested recipes by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram