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How to choose between SPRINT EXERCISES & AEROBICS ?

Exercising regularly and integrating exercise in one’s lifestyle has many underlying benefits.  Emotional stability is achieved, stress levels are decreased, and brain function is enhanced. Burning calories & shedding weight are prominent benefits of a healthy exercising lifestyle. Plus muscles & bones are strengthened and person feels healthier and happier.  The person who incorporates exercise in lifestyle has lower risk of chronic & cardiovascular diseases and has better conditions of heart & lungs.  

Aerobic and sprint exercises are two major divisions of the types of exercises known to man in this day & age. It is better to adopt both of these types in the lifestyle. Leaving one and choosing the other is not the right option as both are good for the mind and body with their own specific benefits. So you do not want to leave out one advantage as you chose the other one.


Duration for aerobics
These are long duration & slow paced. To get the desired body, aerobics are to be performed for at least 45 minutes to 1 & a half hour for at least 5 days a week. 

Types of aerobics
Aerobics are the most widely known & practiced form of physical exercises. General paced swimming, walking, cycling, or other sets of aerobic exercises are example of aerobics. Cardio, aquatic exercises, aquarobics, dance aerobics, zumba and many other indoor exercises are types of aerobics.  

Benefits of aerobics

Over all body fat is reduced via aerobics. 
Light aerobics relieve stress.

They are known for ensuring longevity & richness of well-being. These exercises help in better circulation of oxygen with in the body while increasing the blood flow to muscles. Aerobics are sure to improve stamina and reduce stress. Aerobics helps detoxification, lowers blood pressure, and keeps brain young by increasing oxygen circulation. 


Duration for sprints
These are short duration plus high intensity exercises. Sprints are high intensity & fast paced exercises requiring 90% - 100% of maximum exertion that a person can only do from a few seconds to between 1-2 minutes then has to take break. Sprints are to be performed for a maximum of 7-12 minutes depending on personal fitness level. To get the desired body, even 3 days a week can show results.

Types of sprints
Example of sprints are running or treading at your fastest possible speed or jumping continuously for 30-60 seconds then a break for 30-60 seconds. Sprint exercises go with varying names with in the fitness world. Anaerobic exercises, tabata training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) & burst training all are types of sprint exercises.  

Benefits of sprints

Stubborn fat are tackled via sprints. 
More benefits in less time.

If you need to torch those fats fast but you just can’t make it, then sprint exercises come into consideration. These exercises offer the person a better metabolism, improved stamina, muscular conditioning & increased energy levels. A person can burn calories even while resting for up to 2 days after sprinting. This process is called metabolic after burn.      

Both types of exercises have their rhythms & tempos, and one should enjoy doing both of these for a healthy self. When you want to train hard, go for sprints. Sometimes you do not want to put much burden on yourself but do want to workout then aerobics come into scene.


The 3 Color Lake – PART 2

….. continuing from The 3 ColorLake - A kid's story….

The girl kept calling for Dile, hoping that it would listen and come out to help. But it didn’t come out. Then the girl started thinking that what she should do? She was too afraid of water. Then she went to Floria's & Machlee's sides of lake and asked them again if they could help her negotiating with Dile. But both of them were just too afraid of Dile so they said that they could not do so. Then the girl went home hopelessly. At home, she told her mother that how she lost her ring and she thought that it must be in the Dile’s part of the lake if it was not in the other two parts. As her mother knew swimming & was not afraid of water, she requested her mother to go with her to the lake & search for the ring in the red part of the lake i.e. Dile’s part. 

The Girl Learnt Swimming
Her mother told her that the girl should go herself into the lake. But the girl said to her mother that she could not swim as her mother already knew. Her mother said that she should learn swimming & overcome her fear of waters. Then the girl started learning swimming from her mother. Because she had the motivation of getting her ring back, so she learnt every day for 10 continuous days. Then she practiced for few more days & finally she had learnt good swimming.
After learning proper swimming, the girl went to the lake again. She first went to blue part where the dolphin named Machlee used to live & then she went to green part where the hippo named Floria used to live. The girl told both of them that she is not afraid of water any more. They both became very happy & wished her luck for finding her precious ring.

The Girl Got Her Ring
The girl went inside the red part of the lake where the crocodile named Dile used to live. She went slowly without making any noise. She saw that there were many red stones, red jewels, & the bed-sand was also red in that part. It was looking very beautiful. Now she was not feeling afraid of that part. She started searching for her ring. She couldn’t find anywhere. Then she saw that Dile was sleeping & there were many jewels stuck on it as well. Dile was almost covered with shinning jewelry.
The girl suddenly saw that her ring was stuck on the nose of Dile. She thought to call out Dile but then she didn’t. She took a long stick from the lake then slowly & without making any noise, she came a bit nearer to Dile. With the help of stick, she picked up her ring without touching the stick on Dile’s nose. Then she pulled the stick back & got her ring. She slowly came out of there and told Floria & Machlee about her ring. They both were happy. She went home & her mother was also very happy.

Enjoy by the Lake!
Next day the girl & her mother came to the lake with lots of delicious eating stuff for Floria & Machlee. Then all of them enjoyed by the lake. The girl and her mother swam in the lake with Floria & Machlee. Then they went home happily.          

Do not be afraid of waters.
Try to overcome fears.

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Tuesday 21 March 2017


In seismic analysis the earthquake forces are considered as lateral forces which represent the ground motion caused by earthquake. These lateral loads can seriously damage the structure and might even cause collapse of the structure. Comparison of portal method, D-value method and computer program has been made for analysis of two dimensional frame. 

The portal method is based on the assumptions that the shear force in an interior column is twice the shear force in an exterior column, there is a point of inflection at the center of each column, and there is a point of inflection at the center of each beam.

Shear force (V)
Portal method assumes that internal columns will take twice as much shear than the external columns, so therefore, the ratio in which shear force is distributed here will be 1:2:2:1.
Equation for exterior column:

Equation for interior column:

Bending moment (M)
Equation for calculating bending moments:
M = Shear force x (0.5xcolumn height)

This method gives a tool for solving high static indeterminacy of the structural framing of the building. The D-value of a resisting elements at any one story is defined by the amount of shear reactive to the element when the relative horizontal displacement at the story under consideration has a unit value. The D-value method has been used for the analysis of seismic forces.

Moment of inertia is calculated using I = bh3/12.
Beam and column stiffness is calculated using K = I/L
Column stiffness is calculated using K̅ = (K1 + K2) / Kc (Bottom story, one end fixed) & K̅ = (K1 + K2+ K3+ K4) / 2Kc (Upper stories)

Story shear is calculated using Vn =[ Vt / ΣDn ] Dn

Moment at bottom face is calculated using Mb = VYh
Moment at top face is calculated using Mt = V (1-Y)h 

ETABS is a vast but easy to use software developed specifically for buildings and building structures. Its function includes modeling, analytical design, and detailing processes. ETABS help in analysis of large and complex buildings, even of nonlinear behavior.
ETABS has the ability to analyze the building of any possible configuration. ETABS also works on the following stages. Inserting all the relevant information, that are geometry, material properties, section properties, & loads and load cases. Assign material properties, section properties of given model. Story forces are imported by equivalent static lateral force method. Shear forces and bending moments are obtained by analyzing the model.


Portal method, because of its assumptions, is not as accurate as the D-value method upon comparison with ETABS results, but the approximations makes this method of analysis quite simpler and thus can be used for low rise buildings.
D-value method, being more precise, can be used for high rise buildings where the accuracy cannot be compromised.

Analysis by,
Aisha Iftikhar & team

Monday 6 March 2017


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Mobile App

You can easily refresh gmail app or update data by clicking button or by swip down

 If you want to delete the mail then first you select that mail and then press delete button

If you want to insert files in a drive application then you can easily upload that file from upload button

 You can easily select data

Testing Checklist  For  Web Application

I can easily sort data

All input parameters are validated

I can easily remove data through button

Data is automatically update

Data can easily update through refresh button

I can easily upload data in web application

Is a list view used to allow a collection of items that are on a single hierarchical level, such as files or folders, to be displayed and manipulated?

I can easily remove specific data from applications

Are meaningful, concise messages provided when an error or problem exists?

Are optional and mandatory fields marked clearly on the screen?

Is the cursor blinking to first textbox by pressing f5 key?

Is the data removed by pressing delete key?

I can easily choose data by dropdown menu

Is the placeholder text clear or meaningful?

Is it throw an exception while inserting the data?

Is it show the progress bar while uploading files?

Is it show the status (uploaded or not) after uploading files?

Is it allow to stop during uploading files?

Is it allow for uploading multiple files at a time ?

Is it take time for response?

I can easily search specific data

Testing Checklist For GUI

Is the static text clear, concise, and meaningful?

Does static text follow the project standards for consistent placement on the screen (e.g., field labels to the left of an entry field)?

I can easily sort data by applying conditions

Are standards followed for mouse and keyboard navigation, manipulation, and interaction (e.g., TAB, SHIFT+TAB, double-click, selection of elements and objects, drag and drop)?

I can easily insert data through button

Is it show the alert dialogue box for asking delete file after pressing delete key ?

I can easily remove specific data by backspace key

I can easily choose data by dropdown menu

I can easily search specific data

Is it allow for copy the data  by ctrl +c key ?

Is it allow for paste the data by ctrl +v key?

Is it restore the file if the pc suddenly shutdown?

I can easily rename the file

Is it take time for response?

Is it easily insert images?

Testing  Checklist For  Mobile Application

Is the screen well organized and easy to use?

Are the fields and objects properly aligned?

Is keypad is open for insertion  when fingertip touch on screen 

Is mobile app auto update or not

Is the Placeholder text clear and meaningful?

Is the functionality of all buttons work properly?

Does the Text are concise and meaningful?

Is it throw an exception while opening an app?

Is it throw an exception while inserting data ?

I can easily remove specific data from applications.

Is it show the alert dialogue box for asking delete data after pressing delete button ?

Is it allow for copy the data?

Is it allow for paste the data?

Is it show the progress bar while uploading files?

Is it show the status (uploaded or not)after uploading files?

Is it allow to stop during uploading files?

Is it allow for uploading multiple files at a time ?

Is it take time for response?

I can easily search specific data

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Rameeshah Shahid