Wednesday 29 March 2017

How to choose between SPRINT EXERCISES & AEROBICS ?

Exercising regularly and integrating exercise in one’s lifestyle has many underlying benefits.  Emotional stability is achieved, stress levels are decreased, and brain function is enhanced. Burning calories & shedding weight are prominent benefits of a healthy exercising lifestyle. Plus muscles & bones are strengthened and person feels healthier and happier.  The person who incorporates exercise in lifestyle has lower risk of chronic & cardiovascular diseases and has better conditions of heart & lungs.  

Aerobic and sprint exercises are two major divisions of the types of exercises known to man in this day & age. It is better to adopt both of these types in the lifestyle. Leaving one and choosing the other is not the right option as both are good for the mind and body with their own specific benefits. So you do not want to leave out one advantage as you chose the other one.


Duration for aerobics
These are long duration & slow paced. To get the desired body, aerobics are to be performed for at least 45 minutes to 1 & a half hour for at least 5 days a week. 

Types of aerobics
Aerobics are the most widely known & practiced form of physical exercises. General paced swimming, walking, cycling, or other sets of aerobic exercises are example of aerobics. Cardio, aquatic exercises, aquarobics, dance aerobics, zumba and many other indoor exercises are types of aerobics.  

Benefits of aerobics

Over all body fat is reduced via aerobics. 
Light aerobics relieve stress.

They are known for ensuring longevity & richness of well-being. These exercises help in better circulation of oxygen with in the body while increasing the blood flow to muscles. Aerobics are sure to improve stamina and reduce stress. Aerobics helps detoxification, lowers blood pressure, and keeps brain young by increasing oxygen circulation. 


Duration for sprints
These are short duration plus high intensity exercises. Sprints are high intensity & fast paced exercises requiring 90% - 100% of maximum exertion that a person can only do from a few seconds to between 1-2 minutes then has to take break. Sprints are to be performed for a maximum of 7-12 minutes depending on personal fitness level. To get the desired body, even 3 days a week can show results.

Types of sprints
Example of sprints are running or treading at your fastest possible speed or jumping continuously for 30-60 seconds then a break for 30-60 seconds. Sprint exercises go with varying names with in the fitness world. Anaerobic exercises, tabata training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) & burst training all are types of sprint exercises.  

Benefits of sprints

Stubborn fat are tackled via sprints. 
More benefits in less time.

If you need to torch those fats fast but you just can’t make it, then sprint exercises come into consideration. These exercises offer the person a better metabolism, improved stamina, muscular conditioning & increased energy levels. A person can burn calories even while resting for up to 2 days after sprinting. This process is called metabolic after burn.      

Both types of exercises have their rhythms & tempos, and one should enjoy doing both of these for a healthy self. When you want to train hard, go for sprints. Sometimes you do not want to put much burden on yourself but do want to workout then aerobics come into scene.


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