Sunday 12 June 2016

5 points to consider before you choose your fitness program - PART 2

4.    Intensity of workout

Choose a workout that conditions your entire body and doesn’t leave pains in the long run. A workout is worthless if it gives you deep and lasting pains. No pain no gain is one thing, yes you get muscular pains but a pain that is progressing is a sign that something is wrong with your workout. A workout should offer you benefits as you progress through with it & as you incur it to your lifestyle. Not every workout fits for everyone. There are people whose purpose of life is but training. But if you are busy, you are student, or you have to take care of home - you better choose a workout according to your daily diary. Challenges can make you bone tired, leaving you useless for any other responsibility of the day.

Ask yourself:

What your fitness level is at the time of choosing a fitness plan?
Can you over exhaust yourself with an extra exhausting workout then fulfill your rest of the responsibilities of the day?
Can your body cope with the intensity of the workout?

5.    The venue of workout

It should be near your home or workplace. Imagine you have come home after a tiring day. Now can you travel again without getting tired to reach workout’s place and then start a rigorous exercise? Find such workout regime that is in the vicinity of where you live. If workout is offered near or at your workplace, it’s worth it. You can attend such workout and incorporate it during your working hours. So when you have reached home you can relax & recharge for the next tiring day.   

Ask yourself:

Is there any workout near your home/workplace?
Can you travel to a far venue without getting tired after a tiring day?
Can you travel every day that far?

Choose a sustainable workout according to your body & life style that gives you promising & appreciable results. 

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