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4 Important Points to Consider When You Want to Write a Research Paper

You have done a good research during your studies or your students have written a good thesis or done a great project. In any of the cases you have data; the data that needs to get public and needs to get published. If that data is cased in a thesis book or filed or spread on excel sheets then what’s the use of that hectic work? No one is getting benefit from it. You must try your best to make that data published in peer reviewed international journal. Writing a research paper will make you think out of the box, will generate innovative ideas in your mind, will improve your resume, will give you a sense of accomplishment, and will be of benefit to others. You need to consider the following points before you start writing:

1. Value your work, value your data
When you have a good data with facts & figures, chances are you can write a top class research paper.  Why you want to keep the data and not prove it to the world? May be someone can get benefit from it. May be you; yourself can get benefit from it, once it is published. Yeah I know there is a fear factor of what if … this factor comes when you are not too sure about your data. If you have done hard work collecting the data or extracting the data then you are pretty much on the safe side. You just need to arrange the data properly with clear headings then add proper graphs or charts etc. or whatever echoes with your data. You are done with your data.

2. Adopted a seamless methodology?
While doing research or collecting data, you must have adopted certain methodology. The big question which is generally asked is that why you chose that methodology? You must be clear on that. Your methodology should be in line with the aims & objectives of the research or project. Methodology adopted has to deliver a workable & handsome amount of data. Clearly explain the methodology with all the equipment / software etc. Do not miss out obvious points in the methodology that you think people might know. You are writing for professionals and for layman, so you have to explain everything.   

3. Here comes the writing phobia
Introduction, literature review, results, discussion, conclusion ... hmm...
Even if you have followed a perfect methodology then got a practical data, if you do not write attractively around these, your work is better to be shelved. The rigorous writing parts prove that you have done hard work and testify your work. Obviously you have already done literature review that’s how you were able to do all that research. You must have introduced yourself with the project as well before you started. But to explain it in a research paper needs aesthetic & explanatory senses both. If you write shortly that does not do it. Beautify your paper with proper introduction and literature review that goes along with your methodology. Results should be shown in a way that reflects the exertion you have put into your research. Discuss your results explaining what you have extracted and understood from the project. It is your project who can understand it better than you? Conclude your paper in a way that sums up & shows all the work.       

4. Overcome your writing phobia 
If you want to have your research published in a high impact factor peer reviewed international journal but you have no writing experience, start with blog writing. Blogs are short, provide you experience of writing & compiling your work, give you a sense of achievement, and offer you a kick start. You can review your work yourself and improve it. A blog is far more comprehensible than a work closed in thesis or file. Your work in front of you online is a mirror of efforts put, plus it provides chances for you to take a leap and gather the courage to compile your first journal paper.

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