Sunday 2 October 2016


Wow, did you see how many apples & pineapples have been inserted with rod or fork or pen, or whatever people got hands on?

Does it need common sense or aesthetic sense?
To pursue a totally disturbing & feeble plan that doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with common sense or aesthetic sense, one does not need any degree or certificate or permission or not even common sense as the case is obvious. One just needs to put forth the weirdest idea then make it available to the public. Then people can get as crazy. Don’t get me wrong but yeah, that’s the truth. Who can claim that she/he has not been moved or taken up by that bizarre stuff? Or who has not clicked and spent time on that ‘piece’? Has it not wedged our minds? 

Are we are also responsible to make it viral?
It being viral is one thing but getting to make it viral is who? It is us. All of us. Yes! How can we laugh or enjoy something that doesn’t root out from our very core? It is obvious that due to all these likes, shares, & comments, we are directly being part of making it a billion dollar thing for the initiator of such ultra-peculiar mess. We better shame on ourselves for making such type of pointless ideas becoming viral or cashed. 

Earning billions without brains? What about intelligent ones? 
Purr… yes chill out, bask around the internet to get some well-deserved rest after being totally busy all day each day. Yeah and then you know what? People of that kind, I mean the kind who wants to earn without putting any effort or brain or money or whatever they get that chance. The chance of announcing purposefully to the world that look, look at that ‘brilliant’ guy who can earn billion without brains. Those type of people don’t get satisfied just by saying that. They attack directly on those with high IQ, good grades, high-level degrees, who work hard, who try to proof themselves not just to get ‘famous’ but for the better. These hard workers listen that look at yourself, you spend your hours, your health, your wealth, your thoughts, and your brain so much but you are still not as rich as that dim guy over there.

Is being realistic a stupidity?
The notion then gets strengthen and gets deepen into our brains and into the atmosphere that being intelligent doesn’t remain a virtue itself? Is it not? The notion furthers clues that being famous & being rich is everything and it is a stupidity to focus on studies or hard work. Drop outs without professional level degrees have been given fame already. And now this! The people who can see but who are blind at heart are getting easily trapped by the chime of those who are assigned the jobs of making people astray.   

Beware! Of the trickeries
This is not the first time such craziness has emerged. First it emerges, it turns out to be the norm then no one feels awkward with it. Beware; beware of the gleaming, yet distracting trickeries of the tricksters who have been assigned to trick. So next time when you are trying to focus on your better half, do not pay attention to the tricks, don’t get lost in thinking about your richness, fame, or status. Just do what you have to do! You know better.

Stay focused! Do not be astray!

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