Sunday 6 November 2016

3 Stargazing Events in November 2016

The nature encompasses spectacular configurations that are most wisely brought into existence for us humans to ponder upon. This chanting universe is decorated with its own aesthetics, glories, and mysteries. We as the dwellers of this universe are blessed to see some of the marvels of the universe. There happen to be such phenomena around the universe that are directly influencing our short-span & short height life as compared to the age & vastness of the universe. The universe is the reason for us to find our path and set our goals.

2016 witnesses some of the exceptional & shinning miracles of the universe:

Dazzling Venus on the night sky – November 2016
The planet Venus has been visible whole October, 2016. November, 2016 is also a bystander of Venus. The Venus is brightly visible on southwest sky half-hour past sunset. It is clearly visible without any binoculars or any other stargazing stuff.  Watch it setting down in front of your eyes at about 7 pm - Pakistan Standard Time, then it gradually moves down and disappears. 

Meteor Showers - November 2016
Few midnights of November 2016, i.e. Nov. 12, Nov. 17, & Nov. 28 will be spectators of astounding meteor showers. Most of us won’t be able to see these showers due to their nocturnal appearances or due to other reasons. But does it matter to those showers? Do the meteor storms that these showers release stop? No! Whether we see them or not, showers are going to happen at the time they are meant to happen. We can stay stuck with our little problems so little as compared to the reason behind the showers. We can just witness even if we do witness. But Who knows the reason behind these showers? How and why these showers occur? That is for us to understand with such limited knowledge of ours & with such limited control of ours.

Super moon - November 2016
In November, three super moons are wisely planned i.e on Oct 16, Nov 14, & Dec 14. On November 14, 2016 the sky will be brightened with a big, bright, & beautiful super moon proclaiming the purity & submitting to the Creator. This super moon will be extra-super as it will be closest to the earth during 21st century till date. The moon will be this much close to earth again on Nov. 25, 2034. Just wow!  

Are all the above less to ponder upon? What else are we waiting for?
How the universe signals us to ponder?
These boundless miracles of the universe were there before we were able to know these and even before we were able to know ourselves. Have we known ourselves yet? Can we encompass each tiny or huge event that occurs in this universe? Do we think that such amazing wonders are just there for us to enjoy watching them? Yes! We do enjoy but there is much more beyond witnessing these natural enchantments of the universe. There are more extraordinary miracles to come & so much more for us to witness! 
These natural events let us to ponder, to set of our directions, to re-define our goals, and to rethink the purpose of our lives.     

Non-tech Stargazer,

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