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6 perks of starting your business before you graduate

Once the entrepreneurial notion triggers with in the heart of a future entrepreneur and the idea comes out of the mist, he/she starts planning on how to make it happen. The idea must be followed by a thoughtful plan. The plan then comes into the execution phase and finally the start-up builds its shape & reputation. A person at any stage of life can feel the pulse to work towards a successful star-up.

The best stage of life to go for your entrepreneurial dreams is while you are an undergraduate student. It is the time of life when you are most “free”. Now don’t get me wrong as I use the word “free”. I know there are assignments, exams, presentations, FYPs, and events that keep you busy day in & day out. Any ways, that’s another topic but for now take a look at these charming benefits an undergraduate student can avail when he/she works towards a start-up while studying. 

You can find your technical niche easily
You don’t have to find your interest. You just need to develop your interest in at least one or few technical subject that you feel comfortably getting along with. If you start a glass / wood selling business then what an intermediate pass will do? If you are thinking about any business that is purely non-technical then what’s the use of all this maghaz maree (brain-storming), presence, & attendance at the university? Use your wisdom tooth up to its potential. Get as many professional experiences as you can. Work in highly technical environments. It’s the best time when you can go through trails & errors of your technical ideas. Post graduating, errors might be catastrophic.

Do not “find” your endeavors out there. The endeavors are hidden in the very core of yourself. You just need to clip them & gloss them, then get them endorsed, and finally dispense them for the better.

Making a good team of energetic executives
You are a student, there are 1000’s of students surrounding you. You know most of them. You know their personality & interests. You know if they can catch up with you in difficult times or not. It’s the best scenario when you can actually build up a team of like-minded students who possess similar endeavors. Later on, out there in the world it’s near impossible to hand-pick such perfect team. Right now you have the chance to pick & reject, change the team, or change the leadership of your team.  

Embellish your resume
It’s the phase of life when you can decorate your resume to give it a pearly shine. You can add many exhibitions, talks, events, certificates, internships, jobs, skills, presentations, write-ups, projects & experiences into your resume. You are a student; it doesn’t make a bad impression when you start a work then quit it after 2 months or so. It doesn’t matter, you can always have your exams excuse. In the meantime you get experience of working differently in different environments. But after passing out; an excuse of the sort conveys a non-professional & lame attitude from your side.

Use the name entrepreneur with your name only when your core speaks that you are an entrepreneur

A little money is the reward
You do not have to worry about how the kitchen runs, how the bills are paid, or who is at the door when the bell rings. You can stay put and work towards your idea. If by chance you are able to earn through your project, then bingo you have made it this far! Consider it a milestone then work harder to achieve higher milestones. But after you pass out and if you are just making peanuts through your start-up, then people consider you nothing but nuts. 

Office space is not necessary
You do not need an office at this stage. You can always go to potential venture capitalist, client or audience and present to them your idea or project. They can also visit your project in your university and you do not need to offer them a seat at ‘your office’. They won’t get you wrong because you are a student. You can set stall in exhibitions representing your university and projecting your start-up. No one will ask that where your office is. But after you have graduated, an office space is a must when some client wants to visit to discuss about any project.

Getting approval is on the tips
When you mention that you are a student, you have got privilege already. When you pitch your idea and start marketing your skill or project, people would be interested to listen. As a student you will face fewer rejections. Getting approval of funds or stall space become easy by the virtue of being student. Clients are happy to welcome you. 

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