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How to naturally boost metabolism to burn belly fat?

Belly fat or any stubborn fat doesn’t get mobilize unless the body’s metabolism improves. 
What is metabolism?
Sum total of the body’s chemical reactions in order to live.

Here are few ‘technical’ tips to improve metabolism & to get rid of belly fat or stubborn fat:

Continuous 8 hours of sleep at night is considered a waste of time in our culture. Because we are too busy with our touch-pads or eatings or parties. Right? Remember that a good metabolism is directly related to sleep and relaxation. Sleeping relaxes mind and body as sleeping drains the bad mood out of the brain and tiredness out of the body hence reducing emotional stress levels and enhancing metabolism. When we are up at late hours – we are sure to munch and that munching is generally sweet or fatty disturbing the metabolism rate. Secondly, the brain cannot cleanse itself to regularize the metabolism and other body functions. Lastly, we don’t exactly do anything productive at late hours. Do we?

Gulp & munch…
Lots of water, lots of water, & lots of water. Detox water, mint-ginger water, honey-lemon water, green tea, non-fat soups, and other fluids like non-sugary fresh juices should be part of diet. Healthy fats in small amounts like butter & oils, proteins (meat & eggs), and fiber that is found in dates, nuts, seeds & vegetables should be added into diet. Other foods that are good for improving metabolism and that help in shedding belly fat are peppers, spinach, berries, apples, pears, oat meal, and citrus fruits with vitamin C like grapefruit fruits & oranges. Milk & yogurt should also be inclusive in weekly diet. 

Yes, strenuous exercises are important to tackle belly fat. Targeted sprint exercises like high intensity interval on the spot jogging, skipping, scissor kicks, mountain climber, burpee and curl-ups. Sprint exercises improve metabolism while letting you age slower. Using weights, I know it feels like you want not be the next weight lifting champion, but working out using light weights won’t make your body vividly muscular and will help in refining muscle and reducing fat. This will result in shedding that fat. 

Limit your technology usage. Use it when needed and don’t touch it when you crave just to touch it. You will feel enrichment in your behavior, pain-less self, sleep, mind’s activeness, and metabolism rate.

Spiritual journey…
The soul, the mind, and the body make a person. If you think you can continue soul corrupting and mind rusting stuff and take care of your body meanwhile, the results can be dementing. Learn how to enrich your mind and nourish your soul, then workout for your body, it will work.

Unless we think it, we can’t do it. Once we start realizing that our bad habits are ruining our metabolism and body’s functions, only then we can think to alter our habits, finally we can act upon that very thinking. We must change our mind-set to stay healthy. When the goal of staying healthy enroots in our minds, we automatically regularize our bad habits resulting in a fresher us. When the mind is set technically, we can get the time to sleep better, eat healthy, exercise regularly and enlightened with spiritual journey.      

Remember: It is good to consult your health care provider before you initiate any diet plan or exercise routine.
All the above tips are not to be considered as a medical advice.

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