Monday 20 February 2017

Munching Mood – Eat healthy food

Even though when we have had a main meal, there are times when cravings develop between meals. When there are cravings and it is not the time of meal, usually we can much whatever we get hands on. It is better to have fewer calories munching food handy at home and outside of home as well. Here are few suggestions for a healthy munch. Munching on these not only takes mind off the unhealthy munching stuff like sweets and other fattening stuff but also helps achieve a healthy and smart body. 

Nuts & Dry fruits
Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, and cashews are good munching options. They do not have many calories and can be taken whenever stomach asks for a top-up. Nuts can be carried along when we are outside of home as well. Nuts are savory and make you feel fuller till the next meal. Nuts even help in a healthy weight loss.    
Raisins, dates (fresh or dry), figs, and apricots not only tackle your sweet tooth but also keep you away from a big bar of chocolate or 2 scoops of ice cream. These are rich in vitamins. They improve your health conditions and help in weight loss.

Fruits & Vegetables
The new research says that you do not need to count calories or starve for weight loss. This is the era of healthy weight loss and not just weight loss. Apples, citrus fruits like oranges, melons, berries, and even bananas can be munched without having pressure of what am I eating?
Fresh veggies like cucumber, carrot, beet, radish, and lettuce can be turned into a salad at home or even munched; on as is where is basis when outside of home. Then you won’t have to stop at a fries shop or bakery.    

Milk & Yogurt
Milk and yogurt should be part of daily intake as both contain calcium and vitamin D. They not only make keep bones strong but also help slowing down the ageing process. Next time you crave for a fizz & chips, get milk with little amount of cereal or yogurt with fruits or nuts. 

Most people do not consider milk and yogurt as part of daily diet, but these are very important as calcium is not only important for bones, but it is important for teeth as well. Strong bones keep away many problems like osteoporosis, bone density reduction, fragile bones, fractures in the case of sudden shock, tooth fall at early age, and pain in the bones.  

Roasted dry peas & Saunf
Sometimes we are full, have munched as well but still craving. Fennel seeds i.e. saunf and roasted dry peas can be used for that purpose. Keep it at home, in office or in bag. They have long shelf life and keep you satisfied. Saunf is good for oral hygiene and eye sight. Roasted dry peas are a crunchy option for a healthy munch.     

So next time when you feel starved, have junk cravings, or feel a sweet tooth; munch on these savory & crunchy goodies for foodies that are packed with nutrition & natural goodness for everyone.  

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