Tuesday 21 February 2017

ARMEZ - The Tech-Gaming Begins Now!

Experiencing ARMEZ
Do you want to experience combat shooting game in actual environment?
Do you want to stay physically active while enjoying a shooting game?
Do you want to pass leisure time purposefully instead of video gaming then getting headache?
Do you want a tech-upgrade of training gadgets and technologize real-time scenario?
Do you want to:
Be bold?
Be brave?
Banish the boredom?
ARMEZ is here for you.

“ARMEZ can provide précised training gadgets thus revolutionizing the training methods”, says Tahniat Hasan Khan.

ARMEZ's Products

ARMEZ - The tech-startup of NEDUET
It was the nick of time when the group of four girls who are behind this technological and striking project, were on a thoughtful path of choosing final year project (FYP). The very path was leading them to choose between just marks or brilliance. While taking care of marks, they took the brilliant path, no doubt. The path was toilsome indeed as they had to literally put their sleep, sweat, and seconds on the path but they were happy as they were using their engineering skills to shape a project that was meant more than a project to them. They took their entrepreneurial endeavors along with maintaining high grades and dived into the world of braininess to deliver one of the best FYP of NED. After all what’s the use of a project or degree or knowledge if the world is not getting benefit from it?

“It was the time when we were quite confused about the selection of an appropriate Final Year Project, when this idea was proposed by our mentor Dr. Khurram”, says Nimra Idrees Fazil.

Among hundreds of FYPs, this FYP was presented not just to get marks, not just to make a good report, not just to get a degree but also to achieve a shear, dynamic, eye-catching, and ambitious goal. The goal of using the engineering knowledge for the better of society and for the technology itself. The girls took the very FYP a step ahead and made it spectacular, obliging, and gratifying for others. The FYP has now morphed into a tech-startup which has emerged as ARMEZ in the technological realm. As they are now part of entrepreneurial environment; they realize that taking risks, dealing with uncertainties, and working outside of work hours is what one can expect. But they are more motivated than ever before and want to take ARMEZ to an elevated level where not only it is self-sustainable but also able to create jobs for others.

                             Sheena                                                            Ramla
Sheena is first position holder from Electronics Engg. Dept. NED. 

                                       Nimra                                                         Tahniat

Shaping ARMEZ – The challenges
This staggered project was intelligently brought into existence with continuous and strong-willed struggle & perseverance. The four girls were working in the lab focusing on the project while experiencing the dynamics of team work to achieve milestones as they were transforming a basic FYP into a well-defined product. They endured numerous challenges from hardware designing to mechanical fittings, from working whole day to work even during late hours after a tiring day, from brainstorming in the lab to visiting the market, from debugging software glitches to taking care of the hardware aesthetics, and working towards their goal outside of comfort zone while tackling the negativities of the society.

“The first challenge we came across was to achieve a desired range which we managed to accomplish after numerous efforts”, says Nimra Idrees Fazil.

How the ARMEZ’s amazing four feel now?
ARMEZ has already launched its debut project in Arena. The girls feel even more driven towards delivering further projects as they want ARMEZ to thrive in terms of technology and expand in terms of clients. With success comes responsibility; the responsibility of carrying the success with good hopes for the future while being an exemplary start-up that juniors in the lab and in NED can follow in terms of strenuous and dedicated hard work.    

“We have achieved amazingly well in short period of time. Yet we know, there is a long way to go”, says Ramla Kaleem Shah.

“We will go in all directions, through all difficulties in order to make it self-sustainable”, says Sheena. 

ARMEZ’s message
Nothing should stop you from striving towards your dreams like societal thinking that how weak you are, peer-pressure, the university you study in, or the country you live in. There is only one thing that hinders you from triumphing; YOU. Try finding the guts within YOU, get the idea, plan it, then do it. Who is stopping YOU?

“Think positively, work hard, take risks and be patient as success takes time", says Dr. Khurram, Founder & Director, ARMEZ.

“Pakistan needs job creators”, says Sheena.

“Do not be afraid of failure”, says Ramla Kaleem Shah.

“Do not lose hope and keep struggling for the best. Pakistan needs such people and it’s high time to serve our country”, says Tahniat Hasan Khan.

ARMEZ’s specialties
Playing with ARMEZ’s gadgets can assist you to:
è Stay physically active & healthy
è Be socially interactive
è Stay mindful & strategic during un-predicated situations
è Boost endurance & self-confidence
è Responsive to sudden & un-expected moments
è Develop team work capability
è Strengthen decision making power
è Stay sane while administering positivity
è React positively while alarming and terrifying incidents (God-forbid)
è Learn how to be stress free & stay happy!   

 Feel the Thrill with ARMEZ.

Amazed with ARMEZ,

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