Sunday 19 February 2017

The 3 Color Lake - A kids' story

Once there was a girl. She liked to do power full things like hiking, wall climbing, running, and horse riding. But she didn’t use to like swimming or diving because she was afraid of water. One day she was on a hiking trip. She was hiking for hours and then she was near the peak of a small mountain. As she watched down the mountain to see how high she is, suddenly her ring got off her finger and dropped down. The ring that she was wearing was the birthday gift from her mom so it was a special ring. She tried to hold it but it was too late and the ring dropped deep down into a 3 color lake. The lake was blue, green, and red.

The 3 color lake

The girl started coming down the mountain, as she wanted to get her ring. It took hours before she could reach the lake in which her ring was dropped. When she reached the lake, she saw that the lake was of 3 colors, means there were three parts of the lake. One part was blue, other was green and the third was red. She came near the blue part first and saw that the water was very fresh and clean that is why that part was blue. She called out for someone as she didn’t know swimming so she could not go herself inside the lake. From the blue part of the lake, a dolphin whose name was Machlee took out her head. The girl asked Machlee if it could help her finding her ring. Machlee was nice so it went back into the lake but after sometime it came out and told the girl that there is no ring in her blue part of the lake.

Machlee, the dolphin

Then the girl went to the green part of the lake and saw that there were too many weeds and plants that is why that part was green. She called out for someone, then a hippopotamus named Floria came out. Floria was also nice so it searched for the girl’s ring but couldn’t find it. Then the girl asked Machlee & Floria to find her ring in the red part but they told that the red part belongs to a crocodile named Dile and it was very mean so they couldn’t go to red part. The girl went to red part of the lake and saw that there were many red rocks in that part that is why that part was red. She called out for someone for help but no one came out and the girl understood that Dile must be mean that is why it was not coming to help her. 

                                              Floria, the hippopotamus                                              Image

Then the girl didn’t cry as she was a brave girl. But she thought that if she had learnt swimming she could have gone in the red part of the lake to get her ring herself and she didn’t have to ask anyone to help her to find her ring. Only if she knew swimming. So she thought and thought that what to do? She couldn’t let her ring go so easily because it was a birthday present after all. But she was stuck. Dile was not coming out to help her and she couldn’t go into the lake herself as she was afraid of water. 

                                        Dile, the crocodile                                                   Image

What the girl will do next?
Will she find her ring?
Will Dile help her?
Stay tuned for the next episode…     

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