Tuesday 11 April 2017

Global Warming – How it is affecting us?

The earth’s and its atmosphere’s temperature is slowly & continuously rising. The greenhouse gases i.e. carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, & pollutants are adding up into the earth’s atmosphere due to anthropogenic activities. These greenhouse gases cause a global greenhouse effect by trapping, absorbing, & emitting thermal radiations in the atmosphere. This process results in rise in atmosphere’s temperature called global warming.   

Global warming is causing intense heat waves around the globe. Extreme heat waves can become harmful to lethal.

How greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere?
The burning of fossil fuels, trees, solid waste; transport of gas & oil; from the areas of landfill, livestock, agricultural grounds; & industrial activities. All these emit greenhouse gases.   
Deforestation is carried out to use that piece of land for activities that threaten the animal kingdom & global climate. Deforestation is done for urbanization & industrialization. It gives rise to greenhouse gases.

Wildlife, flora, & bacteria
The climate change due to global warming affects plantation, flora, & fauna by disturbing the ambient temperatures in which plantation can grow and good bacteria can thrive. Deteriorating plantation quality & extreme temperature offer a huge change in animal kingdom. Animals can’t find food & water during severe temperatures. Moreover, climate change scrambles up animals as they prepare for their hibernation, migration, & hunting routine. Floral health & animal’s health are at risk.
Due to climate change and harsh temperatures, the crops growing season is prolonged which affects the plantations’ ecosystem resulting in unplanned growth, harvest, storage, & distribution of the crop.  

Health issues
When there is not good plantation, animals suffer, animals get diseases, & ultimately humans are at the receiving end of such scrambling of plant & animal kingdom. Humans are more likely to consume bad plantation & vaccinated animals products and by products. This is one of the reasons that there are awful & horrible health issues globally.    

Displaced localities
Intense temperatures cause the sea level to rise due to ice melting at the poles, from mountains & glaciers. This calls for acute & disastrous events like high tides, storms, acid rain, terrible precipitation, hurricanes, & floods. Who is at the receiving and of such natural phenomena? Humans!
It is us humans who need to worry about when it comes to flooding or dreadful rainfall in any area. There are localities that need to get displaced due to such disasters. Death tolls climb up during these happenings. Then there is monetary need for disaster aid & shelters etc. Humans have to bear all this. All this is largely because of us; humans!    

Loss of essentials for life
Mountain snow & glaciers feed the rivers. But due to global warming there are floods & water levels rise instead of well-paced water feeding that we get from these sources. Plus the balanced water cycle also feeds the springs & water reservoirs which we have disturbed a lot due to our haphazard-paced activities. Drinking & using water supplies are less especially in summers.
High temperatures cause soil to get drier & as a result droughts occur. As a result no plantation then no food!
Fresh air to breathe is rarely available due to no-plantation. Air that we are breathing has toxins!

All these catastrophes are caused by global warming which is caused by human activities that are being held to make human life better. Is it really better yet? Yes, it is better at some angles but other angles have been worsened!


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