Tuesday 11 April 2017

The Dark Matter – Unraveling The Cosmos! Can We?

The Ordinary Matter - 4% approx. of Universe
You & I, earth & sky, oceans & land, animals’ kingdom & plantation, stars & planets, galaxies & microorganism; in fact everything that we see or respond to or anything that responds to human activities comes under the realm of Ordinary Matter. Ordinary Matter includes all those matters that can emit or absorb; radiations or energy from another Ordinary Matter or in other words it interacts with the neighboring Ordinary Matter. Ordinary matter can respond to another Ordinary Matter and can be detected easily. Ordinary Matter has its gravitational effect & can be affected by the gravity. This Ordinary Matter is present in the yet known cosmos out there & down here but takes up the space as less as 4% approx. of the known cosmos.

What about rest of 96% approx. of the cosmos?

What is it composed of? Rest of the cosmos is composed of 26% approx. of Dark Matter & 70% approx. of Dark Energy.

Universe = 4% ordinary matter + 26% of Dark Matter + 70% of Dark Energy.

The Dark Matter - 26% approx. of Universe
Dark Matter has its own gravitational effect in the universe known to mankind. This Dark matter surrounds the universe. Dark matter is within the universe & outside of the known universe as well. Within the universe there are thousands of galaxies in a group & thousands of groups of galaxies and this Dark matter surrounds each one of them & each one of us!
Scientists somehow calculated mass of the specific galaxies’ cluster & total mass of that whole area in which that galaxies’ cluster is present, and the total mass is much more than the mass of the galaxies’ cluster. What is that rest of the mass? It is Dark Matter’s mass.

Does this Dark Matter affect us?
This Dark Matter can make us see a galaxy with its position dislocated due to the Dark Matter between our vision & that galaxy. So we see a galaxy at a point but actually it might be existing at some other point.
Dark Matter is present where you & I are present right now! Dark Matter doesn’t interact with us but it is there! No detector or mechanism made by humans has ever detected exactly or seen this Dark Matter.    

The Dark Energy - 70% approx. of Universe
Scientists have also come to a conclusion that known universe & the unknown universe is continuously expanding because the position of galaxies are changing as they are on a move and the distance between the galaxies is also increasing.
Dark Energy is totally different from any type of energy known to humans. This Dark Energy is causing the universe to expand.
It’s a mystery to astronomers, researchers, scientists, brilliant ones, & lay man, that what Matter & Energy is there and why it is there? And how Dark Matter & Dark Energy are actually affecting the Ordinary Matter which includes humans!      

As for Humans...

I & you...
I & you are just among a tiny winy portion of the Ordinary Matter of the universe which itself is a tiny winy portion of the existing Matter i.e. less than 5% of the total matter present in the universe.
What’s all that arrogance & proudness that reflect out of me & you? Can I make a difference or can I make a difference?
Yes! I can make a difference only when I try & strive to be among those who ponder & among those who understand.
I can try! You can also try! Let’s TRY!  

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