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Difference between whole-wheat & standard flour (maida); Which is better?

Food is meant to provide the complete nutrition. Unfortunately we are in a habit of filling the stomach with what tastes savory to the tongue instead of what feels good to the gut. Gradually the body’s health gets deteriorated as the food just fills the stomach and is not capable of providing the required nutrition. We eat, eat, & eat without trying to find out that either the food is healthy or crappy. 

Benefits of whole-wheat flour:

Whole-wheat is composed of macro-nutrients i.e. protein, carbs, fat, & fiber and also contains micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, & amino acids. These nutrients help in weight control, stomach feels better, cure stomach aches, lower the risk of diabetes, inflammation & diseases, promote hormonal balance, improve metabolism, fight against chronic illnesses, promote heart health & reduces asthma.

What can be made using whole-wheat flour or chakki ka aata at home?

Whole-wheat can be used to make every day rotiz or chappatiz to greasy parathaz & pooriz. It can also be used to make burger buns & pizza base. To the surprise perfect cakes & pancakes can be prepared using whole-wheat flour.  

Home-made whole-wheat cake

All that dining out!                             
At each and every dining outlet; breads, chappatiz, parathas, naanzpuriz, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, or anything you name it are made up of white flour or standard flour or maida in unhealthy fats & oils with an unhealthy fashion. It may feel flavorful to the tongue, but if we eat mindfully the case is contrary; i.e. it feels like vomiting it out. Standard flour or maida is just meant to satisfy the cravings and it defies us so that we feel full at belly & fulfilled in mind. But do we know what harm it is causing to our body?

Home-made whole-wheat roti / chappati

Standard flour or maida or white flour is like…
Maida is like you have a flower without fragrance & the flower itself is unpleasant. It may look nice but won’t give you the desired specification that you were looking for in your daily nutrition. Why standard flour is white? Because it is obviously short of some nutrients. Those nutrients include fiber from bran, germ, & others that are not present in standard flour which makes its cookeries aesthetically tempting but devoid of basic nutrition like vitamins & minerals.   

Home-made whole-wheat pizza

Store bought whole-wheat or bran bread?
The variety of breads available in stores also contain large amount of standard flour in those. They have whole-wheat flour & some whole grains but for texture & lightness maida is used. But when whole-wheat flour is used especially for baking at home, it is not too textured or fluffy as compared to store bought whole-wheat varieties.

Home-made whole-wheat paratha

Cook at home!
The best way to incorporate whole-wheat flour into your diet is to buy a good quality & authentic whole-wheat flour which is generally called chakki ka aata. Make bread, roti, chappatiparatha, poori, pizza base, burger buns, and pretty much anything with that. It will be homemade & consumption of small amount will keep you fuller while providing nutrients. On the contrary store bought standard flour or maida preparations are to be consumed a lot to satisfy your hunger & it is obviously without nutrition. 

Home-made whole-wheat burgers

Stick up for whole-wheat flour,

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