Tuesday 12 May 2020

Augmented Reality and its Innovation

What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality is actually a mixture of real life and virtual reality  somewhere in between the two, so it's often referred to as mixed reality.
The key point is that the extra information it gives you is highly topical and relevant to what we want to do or know in a
certain place and time.

How does AR tracking work?
Augmented reality is one of the most-required technology which is growing today.It simply says that AR works over a real world object by developing the virtual  images. The input received from a camera or another input device like smart glasses .Its easy adequate to get information if we’re out and about in  the real world with laptop or cell phones just by mention Google and type some words .Virtual objects into the contiguous technology has brought by AR technology.

It easier to get spare information automatically through AR which means that our manageable computing device needs some usual way of finding out that where we are looking a problem so, its known as tracking
 GPS is the device which use for the simplest form of tracking to figure out a position automatically about a place that where we are visiting (a restaurant, a street, a list of nearby ice-cream parlour ,or whatever).
WIFI  is quite easy to use for tracking information.. But if we are in balcony or anyother place like museum and what we truly want is information about each picture automatically about to happen on our cell phone
 As We walk throughout the building? GPS is not enough for every  application  So there are two different solutions known as marker-based and markerless tracking.

Markerless tracking: The virtual objects moves by the user. Virtual object in our room can visualize by AR application .Markerless tracking permit us to try different combinations of technique, place and objects.
For this function, the user wants to decide where to place the virtual object.So its called the Markerless AR.It also use for virtual video-game character in front of the user.In the markerless tracking ,the user does
not want to worry about the place of the virtual objects.The use for the Markerless AR is that do not want a secure to the real world.

Marker-based tracking: Marker-based tracking is tracking to which track the object in the real environment by the camera ,So the virtual object pop-up.The simplest option for tracking is to use two-dimensional
barcodes.It simply say that point the phone’s camera on the barcodes into a web addresss so browser call up a web page with further information. Hence it is called Markerbased tracking.

What kind of AR applications already exist:

·     Yelp Monocle

Yelp was original AR mobile app. The first augmented
reality app in 2009 which provided social reviewing service by using iPhone.  Yelp provides improved routing through  a town. It is most convenient app uses for smartphone’s GPS to dosplay information about the nearby places.
·     WallaMe
The example of AR entertainment app is WallaMe which allows users creating their own virtual animal.First take a photo of their surrounding after that user add pictures,drawings on it.So the Wall is ready. This app adds data about its location.

·        Ingress
                  The another entertainment app is Ingress using AR GPS navigation.Ingree is a multiplayer game which play through online .All players are divided into Enlightened and fight with each other to contol virtual enemies.The main point of the game is the largest possible number of portals to arrest, which is situated in the places of import .It is used for Google Maps and available on both IOS and Android.                           

·     Wikitude World Browser
                         Wikitude World Browser is creation of Wikitude(SDK), the company known for its Augmented Reality SDK. The AR browser for smartphone users' has a large range of features that can come in helpful for tourists.
           Augmented Reality Markerless Game:
                             This game based on AR markerless .Its is a single player game .In this game player will have a weapon to shoot a flies which will come randomly.When Player shoot a flies so it will
increasing their scores .There are three levels. In this game also will have a time limit in each level.We will use Vuforia SDK because  its allows  to create vision apps and games for Android and iOS  using
a drag-and-drop authoring workflow.Its a unity based game.

Shomail Mubarak

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