Sunday 25 October 2015

Parallel Worlds

We homo sapiens or human beings dwell in the planet called earth. It is the third planet from the sun. The sun, earth and seven to eight more planets make our solar system. The solar system is but a tiny or infinitesimal part of the entire universe. We think that our earth is one of its kind. But cosmologists have understood that our world i.e. planet earth might exist parallel to other world(s). Those worlds or world exist in different dimension. Max Tegmark of MIT says that it’s real science and not a science fiction story. Those worlds might be a part of ‘sister’ universe that exists not far from us.

NASA has installed Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer at the International Space Station in search for parallel worlds. A hypothesis of quantum mechanics named ‘many interacting worlds’ suggests that parallel worlds exist and they might interact with our world as well. There does exist a repulsion force between parallel worlds so they cannot interact with each other properly. Some of those worlds may be very similar to our world and others may vary or totally different.  

Fantasy ideas such as interaction of human beings with other universe don’t remain fantasy as such after the concept of parallel worlds. Griffith university’s Professor Howard Mark Wiseman unleashed the idea that we experience a world that is but one among numerous worlds. In his peer reviewed paper that was published in 2014, “Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between Many Classical worlds”, he and other authors have discussed the idea of many worlds using the laws of computational physics and quantum physics.  

As for us who are interested in science fiction, this research seems fascinating and a type of research to follow along so we can stay on board with newest findings of this notion of parallel worlds.

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