Monday 19 October 2015


An entrepreneur whose focus is into the business of high technology is called technopreneur. This term was devised from technology and entrepreneur. Developing and organizing a business of a technological background is technopreneurship. The term technopreneur was first used in 1987. The term is still in the stage of childhood. Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore have adopted the term technopreneurship even before it has become common in the western countries. Singapore is the first country to use the terms technopreneurship and technopreneur.   

An entrepreneur is a person who starts a company offering any type of products or services.  A technopreneur is an entrepreneur who has technological expertise along with business skills. Like an entrepreneur, a technopreneur must be dynamic, productive, and be ready to take challenges. A technopreneur must possess the ability to take calculated risk as it’s all about technology.

An entrepreneur is creative but an exceptionally creative, enthusiastic, and high-tech entrepreneur who innovates and utilizes the brain to the maximum limit is a technopreneur.

A technopreneur is not born but made via a process of technological training and understanding risk factors of a successful startup.

Those entrepreneurs, who are actually technopreneurs according to the definition, still introduce themselves as entrepreneurs instead of technopreneurs because they are not sure that if this term best suits them according to their entrepreneurial endeavors. This is due to the ambiguity of the term itself, due to lack of trust in the term, or due to the fact that the term might still be in the stage of its infancy instead of childhood. Hopefully the term technopreneur will blossom more and technological entrepreneurs will proudly introduce themselves as technoprenuers.

Not every entrepreneur is a technopreneur but every technopreneur is an intelligent entrepreneur.

Written by, 
Engr. Ayesha A. Khurram

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