Monday 19 October 2015

Exercise or Dieting?

Dieting has prominent effects on the body. Dieting can make a person look slimmer but it actually is weakening the person from inside. When a person has a dieting routine it’s another name of starving. The person has those strong craving signals that she/he continue to suppress and eventually ends up eating more like never before. How long can one do dieting? 2 years or 5 years or may be 15 years? After that the body becomes ultra-deformed i.e. extremely fat or totally skinny that doesn’t look smart and feels weak. When a person diets, the sleep is in the state of extra-craving for some savory dish. 
     Dieting can result in depression, constipation, dehydration, fainting, & weight re-gain. 

Exercise on the other hand is not a routine but it’s a life style. The person gets strong from the core. Smartness is an honorarium that one gets. While the person sleeps or rests, the body still works and the person burns fat.

Exercise reduces stress & anxiety, relaxes the person, helps maintaining weight, & psychological fitness becomes better.

What about meal plan with an exercising routine?
If a person has short term goal and the person is doing exercise with strict meal plan, this is actually another form of dieting. The person will surely shed some fat but there will always be a craving for what he/she missed eating during those exercise days. The goal should not be short term like to look slimmer after a couple of weeks for an occasion. The goal of exercise should be long term. Focus should be on the overall body health while staying smart. Eat balanced diet, have milk and juices. The person just has to avoid junk but the junk he/she may eat occasionally to stay safe from deep cravings. 

Keeping cravings means that one day the person will lose the tempo and eat it all!  

Written by,
Engr. Ayesha A. Khurram 

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2 Responses to "Exercise or Dieting?"

  1. i prefer exercise, person should eat everything but should also burn calories.

    1. exactly.....but everything should not obviously include extra junks.....some junks sometimes are okay I suppose otherwise a craving for that can also be developed