Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why O Why

People throw litter on the roads, Why O Why

People eat less food than they leave on dining table, Why O Why

Every dining outlet is filled, Why O Why
People are dying out of hunger, Why O Why
People don’t take care of their health, Why O Why
People don’t let their kids be innovative, Why O Why
Knowledge cannot be gained without going to schools & colleges, Why O Why
There are preschools for pets, Why O Why
There are mid-night parties, Why O Why
People connect online and disconnect onsite, Why O Why

There is a profession called housewife, Why O Why
A housewife needs a maid, a cook, & tutor for kids homework, Why O Why
There are designer abaya (covering gown), Why O Why
Ladies waste time in finding matching laces, Why O Why
Elders think their words are mark on the rock, Why O Why
Facebook is so important, Why O Why
There is tikka pizza, Why O Why
There is no fajita niharee, Why O Why

Thoughts by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram

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