Sunday 14 February 2016

Gravitational Waves

A century ago in the year 1915, Albert Einstein proposed ‘general theory of relativity’. He proposed that the fabric of space-time might be able to vibrate due to some astrophysical process. Such highly energetic process can create ripples on the space-time fabric. Those ripples are now known as ‘Gravitational Waves’.  The year 2015 has confirmed Einstein’s theory. ‘Gravitational Waves’ were actually observed by the scientists, hundred years later than the initial Einstein’s theory. It shows the hard work of the scientists. Great work!

How the Gravitational Waves turned up?
The Gravitational Waves were turned up 1.3 billion years ago by two massive black holes whirling around each other, then spiraled inward & finally merged into each other creating a huge black hole. That collision of two massive black holes released energy of many suns in a time as less as fraction of a second. The energy released 1.3 billion years ago is still spreading outward in the form of Gravitational Waves causing distortion on the fabric of space-time. These waves were most intense at their focal point & by the time they have reached Earth, they are so weak that they are not easy to detect. These Gravitational Waves were travelling from the point of collision & came to our solar system on September 14, 2015.  Scientists are proclaiming that it’s the most powerful event that has ever been detected as observers of the universe.

The question
The question is that: Are there more powerful events happening or have happened on the farthest side of the universe? Will humans ever be able to detect those events? This event happened 1.3 billion years ago and mankind got the clue merely a century ago then been able to detect just recently. Furthermore, detection of ‘Gravitational Waves’ has confirmed Einstein’s theory that was proposed only 100 years ago. These waves have also confirmed that the waves were themselves created long before than the humans were created. We can understand that powerful event if we try to be among “people of understanding”.

Listen to the universe Scientists are proclaiming that these waves might help humans to listen to the universe, to explore the unknown side of the universe, & to listen to the music of the cosmos. To listen to the universe we have to try to be among “people who listen”. If this is the ‘mind blowing’ event then why it cannot be a ‘mind changing’ event?
The point to note is that these Gravitational Waves caused tiny effect on our planet but the waves were travelling & distorting space & time. These waves must have been created for a reason & they might have affected the beyond side of the universe immensely.

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