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When it comes to meal plans & diet routines, it’s easy for the fitness instructor to make a chart that includes breakfast, lunch & dinner specific items from Monday through Sunday. The instructor generally doesn't consider whether it is easy for the participants to get on to that strict diet routine & meal plan. A fitness instructor can always tell to stay on low carb diet or sometimes high protein diet. A meaning less meal plan is that, which can include things like oatmeal in breakfast, cucumber & avocado salad in lunch, & ginger carrot soup in dinner. Such sort of meal plans are provided with a routine to every participant of the workout. How can everyone strictly follow same meal plan? Each person’s needs are different. You can guess if this sort of menu will be provided, how many of you will be able to strictly stick to this type of routine? It’s easier said than done!
If you do try to act on a meal plan but are unable to act upon that ‘perfect meal plan’, then it will have negative effects on your other chores and moods, like not feeling to study, getting angry, not feeling sleepy, feeling left out and other more severe symptoms.  
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Better to adopt such a plan that least corrupts your mind & body trying to lose fat as fast as possible. You don’t need to be fast and furious but slow and steady. Believe it to know that if you just eat mindfully, do little control on your eating habits, & eat small portions then you can achieve your goals. Consistency is a must for the lifetime. If you suppress cravings, pressurize yourself by not eating, that craving returns with a vengeance in some other form like anger or finally eating mindlessly.

Furthermore if you get on to a ‘perfect’ diet routine with specific ‘meal plan’, how long can you do so? 5 days, 5 months, 5 years? 10 year? No more! This is the reason why you see celebrities both from media & sports put on kgs & kgs of weight after their peak career is over. When they are 'in' they are totally committed to a 'perfect' diet but after that they lose control on their cravings and their body goes in the opposite direction from what you call 'smart'.

The meal plan is that eat home cook food, no-dine outs, no fast food, low salt,eat fresh veges & fruits, cook in light veg oil like olive oil, no ghee, and lots of water but no fizzy drinks. Having a proper routine means time-your-eating. Have lunch, breakfast, & dinner at exactly same time every day. Eat small. Don’t fill up your tummy. Stop eating when you can still eat more. Have dinner 2 hours before bed time. Simple!
Train your brain & eat mindfully that's the meal plan.
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