Tuesday 22 March 2016

Fast Track Fitness

Take a water bottle then try to take out water as fast as you can, bottle will get damaged but if you take out water slowly, it will not lose its original shape. A month before any occasion/celebration for a particular day if you start doing extremely tiring exercise just for that day, you may shine & think that rest is OK. Well, rest is not OK.

How can one stay healthy when one is feeling that one is in a daily grind rather than becoming happier via exercise? More over these extremely fast fat burning workouts go like lose 5 kg in 1 month, Guarantee! They try that one totally focuses the mind in to getting smarter, no matter what! But have you seen those who were slimmest once & now fattest than none?
We dwell in such day & age when all types of fitness programs are mushrooming around the globe. Plus the media is provoking us to get to size zero asap! The media has poured into our minds that if one is not size zero, one is out of business. This is the reason why there are countless boot camps & fitness challenges that are fluttering in our city as well. You have to see how many negative comments some are getting. 
These fast track & costly slimming programs are offered without thought process or long term health consideration of the participants. Participants try to push themselves to the ultimate limit, which is applicable to few people & not all of them. Also, the participants are mostly under pressure. It’s almost like a rat race that one is trying to loose fat faster than other.
If you are under pressure due to your weight loss routine then you might develop other issues like anger, depression, sleeplessness, mood-swings, & fatigue. Trying to get to desired weight & fitness level, people are stressed, depressed, sleepless, unfocused & their anxiety levels are beyond bounds.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

One should keep in mind that there is absolutely no no no fast way, no easy way, & no sneak way to ultimate fitness. It’s a lifetime investment. Staying healthy is a lifestyle & not a goal. Once you have achieved your target weight, it’s not the pinnacle rather it’s only the start of your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

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