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DOLMEN MALl clifton karachi:another side of the picture

Dolmen Mall Clifton has revolutionized the retail landscape of Pakistan. Located at the waterfront, at the intersection of the upscale Defence and Clifton neighborhoods, this mall integrates the best in food, fashion and leisure. It provides the Pakistani shopper exclusive access to some of the world’s most popular retail brands and eateries, attracting customers from all over the country to its doors.

The above content is plagiarized from the site .These images can be the capture of your own camera while doing shopping or having a brunch or enjoying the mesmerizing view from sea. People may know the location of their favorite designer outlet, the taste of the eateries served there or game area etc. but I want to show you the another side of picture here.
It was a windy evening of February 9, 2015, when I have asked to visit the site of Dolmen Mall Clifton. The construction of two new Towers was going on and labors were working on 7th and 8th Floor of the building. Though I was not the Chief Engineer of the project, I was involved in doing a research evaluation using this project. I went there to find some understanding of the construction which would help me in my work. I have taken number of pictures for clarification of my concept. I hope this article and pictures will help the young engineer to get perception as well as develop interest of students in the field of Civil Engineering. For others, It may be a warning ;) (Winks).

A view of city from top of the tower of Dolmen Mall

The population growth of Karachi is so rapid that now it has start limiting the Arabian Sea and pushing it back from the shore. Few shrubs can be seen in this massive concrete jungle; are trying to absorb the bulk of Carbon Dioxide produced by the inhabitant. If city was planned properly, picture might be a little better. But now we need more towers of Dolmen Mall to fulfill the lavish desires of urban of this mega metropolitan.
This was the first capture I have taken as I reached the top of 8th Floor. Oh, let me tell you how I have reached at top. I reached by temporary lift installed at site up-to the top of 7th floor, and then used metal scaffolding to reach the 8th floor. One more thing, I have worn a civil engineering hat and comfortable shoes with a piece of paper and pen in a handy valet. Before posting picture, I want you tell you a brief about project. Central wet area of the structure is cored with concrete shear wall varying in thickness (thickness reduce gradually as we go the upper story) whereas surrounding area is framed by steel girders with metal deck spanning over it. One the edges there are solid reinforced concrete columns. Planning wise, central core area consists of lavatories, stores and locker rooms, stairs and lift lobbies while shops and restaurants are located at periphery. Steel girders are supporting on the pockets made in core walls on one side and on corbels on other side. Purlins are provided at equal span of about 4 to 5ft. Over the steel frame, metal deck is laid and fixed by using steel studs and welding. Use of metal deck reduces the slab thickness up-to 2” to 3” depending upon the type of metal deck used. In local construction we have seen wooden shuttering or formwork which does not give smooth surface after removal of formwork, but here you can see steel formwork, if done properly it does not required plaster. The use of steel girder reduce structural load on foundation, workmanship and unit cost of the project as compared to that of reinforced concrete structure. This is what my assessment was about. The pictures below will tell you rest of the story of visit.



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