Wednesday 23 March 2016

Freeze Your Roti Dough

This tip is for those who find it really difficult to knead the dough for roti every day. I do find it difficult to knead each day! Yes because I have other chores to do - not because I need to take some “more” rest. Kneading every day doesn’t fit into my routine. Keeping in mind that there is no alternative of a home made roti, I tried to freeze the roti dough. And it went perfect. So am sharing that tip.
As you generally do, put dry flour (whole wheat flour has much more nutrition than plain or all purpose flour) in your kneading pot. Put 6 times the amount of flour than you need for one day cooking. I knead in a very big flat surface pot (tasla). The tip for freezing the dough is that you will pour a little amount of vinegar into it. Due to the antibacterial properties of vinegar, the dough won’t get bad in taste or smell as you freeze it.  Fruit vinegar is the best but synthetic vinegar can also do the trick. You just have to sprinkle vinegar on the dry flour. Mix with fingers to make sure the vinegar has mixed evenly in the entire flour. Now add water and follow your usual steps of kneading the dough to your desired texture. I usually get non-sticky, not too hard dough after kneading a couple of times.

After kneading the dough, make six equal portions of it. Remember you have prepared 6 times the amount that you need for one day rotis. 3 portions put together an air tight plastic container & put into the refrigerator. Remaining 3 portions put in another air tight plastic container. Put it into freezer. For three days use the dough that is in the refrigerator. 
On the third day you have to take out the dough container from the freezer & put it immediately into the refrigerator. Leave it there whole night untouched. On the fourth day, at the time of cooking roti, take out the dough that was once freeze, now it’s in the refrigerator. Now it’s perfect dough for next three days. If you are smart enough & with more practice, you can increase the amount of dough, like you can dough for 8-10 days once.
This small time saving spares time for your passions, challenges, & productivity instead of just being productive inside the kitchen.        

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2 Responses to "Freeze Your Roti Dough "

  1. How do you use the roti dough from the regrigerator? Do you allow it to warm up on the countertop or in the microwave? How long in each/either case?

    1. *refrigerator. Sorry for typo!