Tuesday 16 August 2016

5 marvelous constructors & architects in nature – Labors of Love

The nature encompasses spectacular configurations that are intelligently brought into existence with calculated and accurate engineered techniques. These arts of designing are part of our planet long before mankind knew how to configure or construct. These architectural wonders are created by the animal kingdom. Insects like honey bees, spiders, ants, termites, many species of birds, fish species, and mammals build the shelter to socialize and to take care of the nestlings. Take a look at following few out of millions of animal species who are excellent constructors naturally.


Nearly all the birds weave their nests. Some birds just put the twigs together so that their eggs stay stable in the nest. Others are more specific about how to artistically weave the nest using twigs, feathers, threads, leaves, petals, cotton, or whatever they can find that is light and appropriate for their little shelter. The male satin bowerbird constructs a standing nest made up of simple twigs and then decorates it with blue items. It uses any blue item it finds like blue feather, blue straw, blue key chain, blue paper, blue note, blue pen, blue toothbrush, or blue bottle cap. The whole purpose of this decoration is to lure a female bird to get to the nest.    

Male pufferfish architects its dazzling and symmetrical seabed structure that looks like peaks and valleys. It wiggles around the fine sand, sea shell fragments, and coral fragments to make its nesting place called ‘crop circles’. Like birds, pufferfish is thrilled to make these circles and works day in and day out to offer the most alluring nest to the female pufferfish. These structures are highly engineered as they can nest the eggs efficiently without being scattered or getting destroyed by water current.   

Beavers are water rodents and are about size of dogs. Beavers make dams to survive in winters, to access and to stock food for winters, and to stay protected from predators. The food stock is the trees’ wood that beaver has chopped down into pieces. They construct dam in big and deep lakes. These dams are high-tech that even have underwater refrigerators for food storage. They use mud, stones, wood and rocks to make dam. A beaver can bring building material much heavier than its weight and larger than its size. A beaver can also dig feet & feet of the lake bed. Their dams are water tight. Their multi-chambered dam construction is deep and also many feet high above the lake’s level. These dams can stretch up to more than a thousand feet.     

There are 10,000 or more species of ants that exist in nature. Ants structure their complex nests by piling soil particles together. Ants’ nests can be found in grounds and in trees. Some species of ants are capable to construct super colonies that have many queen ants rather than one. These super colonies have various levels that are connected via helical ramps. Ants’ ingenious chambers and galleries are ventilated and interconnected. Black garden ants mark their construction plan into their nests while they are constructing. 

Spiders weave the web in order to get other insects as their food.  Spiders’ silk has its own flexibility and strength. Generally a single material is either flexible or has strength but spiders’ web has both. Spiders’ silk has capability to vibrate to pass on information to the spider in order to locate its prey that sticks on the woven silk.  

What humans need to construct a spectacular structure?
We need architects, engineers, constructors, planners, managers, hired labor, site evaluation, drawing sheets & sheets, software & technology, cash, good grades, start-ups, medals, certificates, prizes, degrees, research, and what not to construct a small building. 
Are we genius or are we genius? 
Look at these brilliant creatures that fashion such flawless 

architectonics. We think we can conquer the world? We think we can do anything? We need to re-think and ponder upon what and why we should be doing at any given time and place.

After all;
A piece of construction matters at the time it matters! 

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