Monday 29 August 2016

Tread on the Trodden Path

You want to walk? You want to jog? You want to run? But you don’t have outdoor opportunity? Or your exercise mood time doesn’t match the going out hours? Or you are too lazy to start any exercise? Treadmill is the all in one solution of these situations. Treadmill offers exercise routine that offers stronger bones & muscles while improving overall health.    

Treadmill offers efficient exercise
Having a treadmill routine is one of the easiest aerobic and cardiovascular exercises. It is a weigh bearing exercise that keeps bone strong, maintains bone density, boosts stamina, conditions the body and reduces sleeplessness. Walking or jogging on a treadmill can reduce hypertension, diabetes risks and cholesterol level.

Be safe as you tread
It’s crucial to have an understanding of your physical limits while using any fitness equipment like treadmill. Abort at once if you feel dizziness, pain anywhere or short of breath. Seek medical attention if necessary. Don’t jump on to the treadmill without proper planning. Wear proper exercising outfit & foot wear. Abiding by the rule ‘prevention is better than cure’, use the safety clip that is generally provided with the treadmill. In case of sudden fall, the clip detaches from the machine and the treadmill stops automatically.

Remember to stay hydrated!

What to do before treading?
If you take few measures before any sort of workout, your workout will be productive and effective. You will feel less tired and you will stay motivated, satisfied and contented.

Choose a time that is meant for exercise. Know that the most appropriate time for any exercise is early in the morning before breakfast. Chances of weight loss increase when the stomach is empty. Empty stomach doesn’t mean that you are starving. Have a light drink or chew few nuts or dry fruits to stay active and strong during treading. If you can’t tread before breakfast, then treading after two hours or hour and a half of mealtime is also a good option. The food can boost stamina and you can perform well during treading.   

Warming up first as you start treading is the most important step. You must warm up for at least 5 to 8 minutes on the treadmill at low speed or you can choose any warm up exercise before you sprint on to the treadmill.

A piece of advice while you tread
Don’t worry much about calories. Worry about concentrating while you tread. How can you concentrate positively? Watching the technology? Listening to anything that is mind rusting? No.
Listen to something that is naturally meant to soothe your mind. And if you know what I mean, listen to or recite yourself mind calming & soul comforting things. You must strive to tread on the trodden path that leads to peace of mind in order to stay focused instead of finding your way through dark track. When your mind is healthy, it will let you make decisions about your body’s well-being too.  

Remember you cannot achieve your body’s fitness goals unless you try to achieve your soul’s tranquility!    

Even 10 minutes of moderate jogging if done on daily basis can cause positive effect on your health.

Its good to have a proper diet plan as you take out time for your workout daily.

Happiness is in treading mindfully!


Before any exercising routine or high-impact exercise or before using any fitness equipment or treadmill, you must know your body’s capability of coping with the same. If you are not sure about your body’s condition, consult your health care provider. 

Trying to tread on the trodden path,

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