Wednesday 28 September 2016

How to Cash your Leisure Time?

Moving in 21st century demand us for awareness to rapidly growing technology. All of us are very much updated with the latest technology like latest version of iPhone, gadgets, laptops, accessories, brands and clothing. We know, what our relative's cousin is having for supper today and how's our ex-neighbor is feeling right now. Whenever we got free time from our house chores or office work, we start using social app in mobile or tab and spend several hours on it. Lets have a look on past. House women after finishing with lunch preparation and cleaning, got busy in some of their hobby that is not only hobby but financial support to their family. Meanwhile, they used to socialize with their fellow women as well. The quality time they spent in sewing, knitting, rilli and applique work, embroidery, flower making, pottery, dough work etc. enhances their creativity, polishes their skills, encourage positive thoughts and a mean of earning. On the other hand, if we consider the present situation, posting a status of "feeling bored- with 20 others" and commenting and chatting for the next 2 hours can't help us getting anything. Instead after logging off, we think of the branded dress our friend was wearing in the party or Diamond Necklace of Areezay that we can't afford. This will led to negativity, depression and inferiority complex. If not, atleast it is a wastage of time.

Today, we have everything available at door step. Today's women will not spend weeks to make a rilli work, she can simply get in one order of few minute. A doctorate or engineering professional might not like to be called a tailoress by her neighbor fellows. Today's women is not only a house wife but she has to make effort to make her career. It is not necessary that she has to left home at 8am and back at evening 6:00. This is the age of Freelancing. The rapidly growing trend of Freelancing and dozen of Freelancing sites make it very easy to work in flexible hours. Now you can spend half an hour to design a Logo for a client and earn $5, or write academic report for a lump sum of $100, or do some drafting work and earn $10/hr, or teach somone 3 hours a week online or edit some pictures, make presentations, charts, design or consult or whatever suits your skills. Either you are a teacher, doctor, engineer, business person, artists, writer there are number of opportunities out for you to work as freelancer and get good earning.

Now, first thing will come in mind is, are these sites reliable and we really get paid for work? I will say, Its far better managed than office system. An hour worked, an hour paid. You have to make research for the suitable freelancing sites match to your skills. Few top freelancing sites are: Freelancer, Upwork, People per Hour, Fiver, Guru, Freelance writing gigs, College recruiter etc. All you just need to make an appealing profile on it and find the suitable job matching your skills. You have to send proposal to get hired. Once you got a job and done it well it will help you get reputation and eventually more jobs. 

You can open a separate account for international transactions. There is some percentage of your earning is deducted by freelancing sites and also when you transfer amount in your local account, it will charge you few hundreds. (500/- or so) So make sure what you are proposing budget for your job. In start you might start with a small earning but as you will progress and get good job success scores, you will have good earnings. You can set your transactions for monthly, weekly or quarterly in order to reduce deduction in transactions. Its also depend on you that how much time a day or week you can spend working without any external pressure, also you can set your response time. All in all, It is very cozy to earn in the time you may spent changing channels on Television or revisiting again and again the home pages of social sites to check latest New Feeds. In fact if you are a professional, willing to run a personal business, become freelancer. Or if you are a student want to work to meet your college expenses, you may spent 2 hours a day or work on weekend and earn. 

I am personally working on Upwork and Guru sites. You may visit my profile and can contact me if you need any help. 

Its not too late to start something good.

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