Tuesday 20 September 2016

8 Types of Cleaning You Never Thought

When we Google ‘cleaning’, we get images of general cleaning like mopping, kitchen & bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning or window cleaning. But do you know that there is much more that needs cleaning besides these obvious chores?

Cleaning is that labor that we do most of our lives. We spend hours and hours in cleaning. You think that having a shower, wearing a clean dress, wearing perfume and doing your hair neatly is the state of being clean? The types of cleaning that need our attention are too many as compared to general house hold cleaning.  

1. Hidden junk
There are dresses, towels, bed sheets, shoes, jewelry, decoration, papers, crockery, utensils, stationery, toys, and so on hidden in the cupboards that need cleaning! Plus there might be lots of squirreled items under the bed … like one slipper, missing earring, chocolate wrappers, one new toy that you bought last year, may be a rotten orange that kids were playing catch catch with .… oooo…    

2. The toxins
We are living a busy lifestyle. Wake-up rush for work, come back home work work. The brain gets tired along. The brain needs to clean its toxins to avoid ‘toxic behavior’ next day. These toxins are produced due to fatigue & mood swings throughout the day each day.  
Our physical being needs to cleanse itself from daily generated toxins as well. Our body needs to clean or detox those internal & external toxins. When the body is at the state of exertion, it needs to reinforce itself using the detox organs and detox enzymes.  

3. The inner filth
We may shower, shampoo, anti-bacterize, deodorize, & scent adjust ourselves to look ‘clean & gorgeous’ but what about the ‘junk’ in our thought, minds, beliefs, and actions? The inner tidiness is much more difficult & tiring that needs continuous and dedicated attention. We need to find the right shower and perfume to clean the inner filth.

4. Is this minor cleaning?
If we take it lightly, it’s going to burst out with dirt!  
Hair brush, bags, purses, spectacles, door knob, slippers, keys, cupboard handle, water tap, shower tap holes, shower tap itself, kitchen sink drain cover, sink corners, washroom drain top, etc etc.
These small things that we use many times each day, need cleaning!

5. Ah the Technology
Technology has invaded our lives, minds, health, wealth, relations & routines. Those chargers, batteries, messy cables, switch board, remotes, cell phones, cell phone screen, dusty speakers, headphone, laptop screen & keypad, over loaded desktop, junk folder and what not …. Need cleaning fella!

6. Tricky cleaning
If you are student & you have come in the next grade what you need to clean? Books, folders, greeting cards and reading material of last year. There is lots of cleaning required in book shelf & bag. If you work in office then there are lots and lots of papers, boxes, packaging, and cartons lying around – need cleaning. If you are a homemaker then you need to clean last grade’s books & artwork of kids. Story books are most difficult to clean because some are torn but interesting others are in good condition but never read! What to do? 

7. The obvious cleaning
All the above types of cleaning are far more difficult than the regular house hold cleaning which itself is hack of a work that can grind the one who is doing it daily and can make her bone tired!
Rise early in the morning, clean yourself, clean kitchen after making breakfast, clean dining after having breakfast, kids’ fresh-up before school, clean the bed, set the sheets/blankets, clean toys & put at right place, cleaning squirreled items, dish washing, laundry, dusting, kids’ shower after school...
Cleaning before cooking, after cooking, stove, stove grate, burner, burner head, oven, oily kitchen cabinets inside to outside, cleaning the fridge, cleaning that splashed water during dish washing (hard very hard), water after the washed dishes have dripped (also hard), sink drain … grrrr…. coming up with the ideas of how the sink doesn’t over flow while washing dishes ….again cleaning….
Cleaning under dining table, under chairs, behind dressing table ….Washroom cleaning, washroom smell tackling, cleaning between tiles, cleaning washroom mirror, cleaning washroom walls….cleaning the cleaning tools i.e. broom, mopping towel, bucket, wiper, sponge, gloves, scrub, cloth, on & on….
Cleaning the spiders, spider webs, cockroaches, ants, lizards, kitchen insects, and mosquitoes, mysterious & miscellaneous insects. 

8. Cleaning responsibility
Where ever we go leaving a clean environment. Especially at public places do not litter around. Cleaning after Eid-ul-Adha! Ggrrrr… why people leave that out on the roads?  

With all this cleaning, I envision the realm of no cleaning!

Stuck with cleaning,

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