Tuesday 31 January 2017

3 Discoveries of 2016

The universe out there is gigantic and unbound by the intelligence of human species. NASA has always been discovering new galaxies, stars, black holes, interactive waves, and planets etc. As soon as the humans understood the mechanism of our solar system, we have imagined similar solar systems with some species living close by. As close as few hundred light years perhaps. Exoplanets are being discovered and looked into for the very curiosity. Exoplanet are those planets that are planet like but do not belong to our solar system. An exoplanet named HD 131399Ab which originally might be 16 million years old is discovered in 2016. It is a part of the constellation Centaurus which itself is more than 300 light years from our solar system. The mechanism that distinct this exoplanet from other planets and exoplanets is that 3 stars can be seen from this planet i.e. this exoplanet has 3 suns. So guess what? This explanet sees three dawns and three dusks. We humans can discover such nature’s phenomena and wonder how it is like to get triple experience of sun in a day. Meanwhile we should also ponder upon the purpose of our very own sun and ponder as well on the rising of the sun from the west!        

The ocean and the waters conceal miraculous marvels with in them. The ocean is entirely another universe for humans to explore. The more it is explored, the more it reveals its sensations. The dwellers of the water world are carrying on their duties whether or not being discovered. Ghost octopus is the oceanic discovery of 2016. It was found near Hawaii at the bottom of the sea at about 4,000 meters depth. The point is: whether documented or not, discovered or not, it is there for long & long and carrying on the task perfectly that is assigned to it by the nature. A moment of wonderment! 


Digestive system is studied and researched for decades; even centuries. Doctors/medical researchers seem to know what the cause of an upset stomach is. Do they know or do they know? In the digestive system there is a contiguous organ which was first spoken of in 1858 and got its name in 1878 as mesentery. But it was not professionally given recognition. Professor Coffey has recently researched and discovered mesentery in 2016 as an organ which links intestinal blood and other fluids with other body parts. This latest anatomical discovery is promised to clarify medical students and researchers as they structurally understand the human body. This organ was already there from ever before since mankind knows his anatomy? How the doctors were effectively prescribing medicines for diseases such as inflammatory diseases that are related to bowel movement? Another point to note is that, the organ is there, study is there, technology is there for long but still there are new discoveries. Who knows by the next century the human anatomy will transform into which shape and order?       

From the human body to the ocean and to the universe there is a lot to be explored, a lot to be pondered, and a lot to understand. Are we up for it? 

Awestruck by natue;




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