Tuesday 29 December 2015

2 Minutes Diet Plan

Some people have desire to lose weight others want to gain. People who are extremely conscious of their health try to stick to one diet. Others stick to a diet and then try another one but seems like no diet is working for them and they are still gaining weight. If not gaining then definitely not loosing also. People who are celebrities, sports personnel, & those who totally stick to a diet plan and exercise routine have personal dietitian & personal trainer.
But you and me, we are busy. We don't have time to stick to one diet & properly plan it. If one specific item in the specific diet menu is missing, that means the whole plan is ruined and you are not on that diet plan any more. Here is a 2 minutes tip for a good dieting routine! 

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2 Minutes Dieting Plan
Here is a method, in which you don't have to go for specific shopping and worry about specific meal & separate menu. You can eat what is cooked in the home. Yeah! Just fit in with others in the home. You don't have to put extra time to buy your dieting list & don't have to put extra effort to cook your diet menu separately. Just follow the equation:

Easy Dieting = Water + Balanced diet - Junk Food

Water: Drink lots of water. The purpose is to drink water. It takes two minutes to fill a water bottle and keep it with you. It also takes two minutes to make detox water. Detox water is simply water with lemons, citrus fruits, cucumbers, ginger & mint. Remember the goal is to drink lots of water every day. Don't worry about buying specific fruits & veges for it. If you have lemon at home add it to water. Likewise when you have other detox fruits add those. Or simply water! No soft drinks. 

Balanced Diet: You don't need to go for a specific grocery. Your meals should include salad + greens + fruits. The two minutes tip is that you don't have to plan for a specific item, just grab whatever is available at the meal time, any veges any fruit any leafy green. If no salad is available on the table, grab a whole cucumber or carrot and eat it with your meal. Takes 2 minutes! When you add these to your platter, meal will automatically become less resulting in weight loss. 

Junk food: Keep the junks for occasions. Don't eat fries, burgers, cakes, pizza, every now & then. No soft drinks! Dine out as less as possible. If you totally skip junks, you will eat all someday. White or plain flour is unhealthy which is main ingredient of burgers, naans & pizzas. Use whole wheat or whole grain instead.

The best thing is that you don't need to plan & prepare anything separately. You don't need to put extra time and effort. You can fit in to family meals! There is no hassle of counting calories & macronutrients. You won't go crazy measuring your inches every now & then. The 2 minutes dieting plan will work slowly, effectively, & long lastingly with no side effects as is the case with diet plans.

Eat everything but mindfully!

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  1. Akasha Aquil see the snap of detox water here. these are the basic fruits and veges for a perfect detox water. dine outs are junk! but you can eat home cook food including meat.

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