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Which Diet Can Keep You Healthy, Smart, & Trimmed ?

There are various diet plans and diet menu. It's hard to determine that which diet plan will work best for you. Many people put a lot of time, money, & effort to find out that which type of diet plan best suits them. Then they stick to it for specified days. But once they stop practicing that diet plan, they can go unhealthy again. Because one can stick to few things for few days & resist delicious cravings for a limited time and after that everything goes wrong again.
How to find out which diet plan is best for you? Ask a dietitian or a nutritionist or a fitness trainer? Everyone can't do it or they don't have time to do it. Here are few diet plans discussed with their effects on the body that will help you determine that which diet is best suited for you.

Ketogenic Diet
This diet is high in fat. It allows eggs, green salad, cheese, cream, oil, some veges, some nuts, fish, chicken, & beef in a strict quantity & timings. It doesn't allow fruits, sweets, sugars, rice, bread, pasta, many veges like potatoes. Keeping a count of grams of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, & calories is important if one adopts this diet. A meal planner chart is a must.

Atkins Diet
You have to watch on grams of carbohydrates, % protein, and % fats. It allows few veges, red & white meats, oils, cream, & butter. It doesn't allow grains, bread & pasta, nuts, legumes, many veges, & dairy other than cream & butter.

Mediterranean Diet
This diet allows yogurt, fruits & veges, grains & oats, fish & chicken, cheese, eggs, nuts, brown rice, olive oil, legumes, nuts, rarely red meat. It doesn't allow white bread, crackers, sweets and sweet cakes, ice-cream, sugars, oil except extra virgin olive oil, & refined grains. A meal plan chart is needed but macronutrients i.e proteins, fats, carbs are not counted on regular basis.

Paleo Diet
Its a cavemen diet, go wild! This diet allows specific red & white meats, eggs, leafy greens, some veges, some fruits & nuts, natural oils, dairy is very limited. It doesn't allow grains, legumes, sugars, pasta, cereal, most dairy, & processed food.

Blood Type Diet
Fitness geeks even go one step further and they stick to the diet that are specific for their blood group. Strange! They eat the ideal food that react best with their type of blood. How can they get all those nutrients that they miss out?

Other Diets
There are various other types of diets like vegetarian diet, detox diet, high protein diet, low carb diet, green smoothie diet, etc.

Drawbacks of These Diets
You need to limit starch, sugars, grains, fruits and much more that you can miss out. These diets cause headaches, irritation, smelly breath, dizziness, weakness, constipation, sleeplessness & fatigue. Counting calories forever is a must or get deshaped. Constant worrying about yourself, your waist & inches that you are doing so much and there is no result!. No peace of mind. You can't stay happy during family meals. One can miss out many things and can keep extra cravings for all those things & one day loose control and eat it all!!!
You need to constantly count & maintain percentages, worry about your own special meal apart from family meal, and keep checking your weight & inches all the times. Plus, exercise is a must while following these diet plans other wise whole effort can ruin.  

Dieting Plans are Good for
The diet plans are good for artists, sports persons, media personnel, on screen people and those whose part of job is to stay healthy & to motivate people.  
But for layman, for you & me, for busy ones, and for less motivated people who don't have time, whose routine are tough, or those who simply want an easy way to stay healthy, 2 Minutes Diet Plan is the best & easy way out.

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