Wednesday 18 May 2016

5 Points to Consider Before You Choose a Fitness Program - PART 1

1. Self-motivation or infiltrated motivation for workout

First thing is to remember that you have to choose a fitness program just for yourself. If you are doing it to make someone happy, or to look smarter in a party, or to look slim on an occasion of yours, or to look most gorgeous among a bunch of people on a particular day then don’t choose any fitness program. All these mean that you don’t have a self-motivation of being healthy. These all come in the category of infiltrated motivation. Your body can feel healthy even after few minutes of workout, which you have done for yourself and not for any one. Remember that when you take care of yourself, you can take care of loved ones even better.
If you choose to do exercise for your mind freshness, body trimming, releasing stress, longevity, bone & joint health, lowering your anxiety levels, becoming happy then you are ready to opt for a fitness program.  

Ask yourself:

Is the exercise enthusiasm coming from within you?
Are you working hard for a fresh & well-being of yourself?
Are you doing it for someone or for an occasion?

2. Long term objectives of workout

You may choose a workout that is most challenging, most popular, and is blooming out in the city. However, you should know what your fitness objectives are. Choose a workout that you can potentially stick to for the rest of your life. Go for a fitness plan that you can follow through with your responsibilities & everyday business. Go for a plan that is enjoyable and you don’t get tensed before, during or after every set & rep of every exercise. Long term objective is that you stay healthy & happy via your fitness. Getting slimmest, the next month is short term objective which has acute side effects. Incorporating exercise with your lifestyle & don’t let go is a long term objective.

Ask yourself:

What are your fitness goals?
Is the workout synchronized with your long term goals?
Does the workout go along with your lifestyle, responsibilities, & daily schedule? 

3. Competing with others in terms of weight loss 

Competitions don’t leave you in a happy and sane state of mind. Exercise can relief you from fatigue & anxiety. If you are doing it in competition with someone you can lose the pleasures of exercise. To get the maximum benefits of exercise, to tone your body, to improve your body & mind health you must be happy during and after exercise. Competitions tense you more & make you happy less.
If you are racing to reach the finish line first, you are not enjoying along with your workout. If you are a part of rat-race or a challenge that you have to loose fat the fastest among a bunch of people, you can regain fat the fastest as well… Beware of sick days, exam days, party days, shopping days, outing days, lazy days, busy days, stressed out days, mayday days etc. when obviously you can’t workout...and all the fat returns faster than you lost it!
Do it at your own pace!

Ask yourself:

Can you do this work out for the rest of your life?
Are you part of a rat-race?
Are you in competition with someone in terms of your smartness or slimness?
Does this workout relieve you from stress?

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