Wednesday 4 May 2016

Is the Sun Heading for a Gigantic Collision?

In 1632 Galileo who was an astronomer, a mathematician, & a philosopher proposed that the Earth is moving around the Sun and the Sun is stationary.

Fast forward in twenty’ 12, NASA’s astronomers found out that four billion years from now, our galaxy i.e. the Milky Way Galaxy will collide with its yet known, neighboring Andromeda Galaxy. Due to that collision, these both galaxies might merge to form one elliptical shaped galaxy. Wow…

How the Milky Way Galaxy will collide with another galaxy?
There is mutual gravitational pull between these galaxies which is unstoppable and is far beyond the imagination of mankind. These galaxies are moving towards each other at incredible speed, a speed that man can’t fathom. It’s uncontrollable & mighty. As for us, we humans are but spectators, researchers, wonderers, & wanderers. If the Milky Way Galaxy, the galaxy where exist mankind is moving, means every tiny to huge object present in the galaxy is also moving. Stars, the sun, the earth & the moon, the planets, & debris present are on the move. Where we are heading to? Collision? How can I, I mankind can make this collision a pleasant one?        

The sun’s orbit:
It is also discovered that the sun with in the Milky Way Galaxy, completes its one orbit around the center of galaxy in 250million years. Meaning that sun moves along an orbit with in the galaxy as well. The galaxy itself is moving and the sun is also moving with the galaxy towards the Andromeda galaxy. The sun is stationary if we take it relatively to our solar system, but out there in the cosmos, the position of sun keeps changing.

The Sun with planets moves along an orbit with in the Solar System.

Solar system’s tail?
The tail of solar system clearly shows that it’s on a move and its heading to somewhere. I i.e. mankind, I wonder…there are so many wonders, yet I wander...

Where the sun is heading to?
Where the sun is heading to we have to go along … we want or not … the question of want to or not gets faded or actually finishes here…as it’s not in under our control…we cannot separate ourselves from the solar system… be happy to go along with sun we have to understand where the sun is heading to?

Sun is but one tiny star out there in the cosmos!
There exist about 100 billion galaxies in the cosmos known to mankind yet; the Milky Way is one among them. The biggest galaxy known to mankind is IC 1101 which is 50 times the size of our galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is itself a dot in the known cosmos. There exist billions of stars in the Milky Way, Sun is but one among them. Who am I, I mankind? I am tiny, infinitesimally small, and smaller than a teeny weeny dot. No matter who I am - engineer, doctor, billionaire, speaker, the sun is heading to where it’s heading to. I cannot change that. Should I just head with this galaxy where it’s heading to, and continue my daily fruitless chores? Stay stuck in petty things? 

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