Sunday 15 May 2016

6 Tips for a Confident Swim

Be confident
First and fore most things to be a confident swimmer are to relax & don’t get afraid of water. Stay confident that yes I can do it. Motivation of doing a better swim should come from within instead of others telling you to give it a go and they will help you if you need. You should be positive about yourself that you won’t need help. Keep your body and muscles relax and tension free.  

Know your best style
Many beginners try various styles in a single day resulting in getting tired and not being able to swim actually. Once you have learnt the techniques of few swim styles, try figuring out that which works best for you. Free style might be good for a person, for other butterfly stroke might be better. You might swim comfortably with breaststroke and you can get over exhausted with backstroke. It’s all up to you how you dig out your style and champion it.  You have to try styles that you have learnt while your swimming lessons, then understand that which style is giving you most confidence and you can cover longer distance with that style. Swim with that style more & try to master that one style. Your brain starts recognizing that style, resulting in a boosted confidence.

Breathe perfectly
Once you gain some confidence with a swim style of your choice, learn to inhale & exhale according to that style. Holding breath doesn’t ensure a relaxed & longer swim. Take a deep breath and when you start swimming, a stream of bubbles should come out of your nose or mouth. A perfect swimmer should be able to inhale from mouth and exhale from nose. When you take out your face of the water inhale from mouth, go back into the water and exhale from nose. This inhaling and exhaling delivers oxygen to your lungs & brain and you feel more comfortable. Breathing technique increases efficiency & stamina of your swim.

Synchronize your arms movement, kicking technique & breathing
Streamline your body by moving arms & legs in coordination with each other. If you are moving arms perfectly for a swim style but kicks are haphazard, you cannot swim powerfully. Similarly, moving arms not according to the kicking technique can lack focus and increase exertion. If your breathing is perfect but your body movements are poor, it’s all in vain. Also, if your swim technique is streamlined but you cannot breathe according to your swim style, you are not swimming in a relaxed manner. So focus! Focus on all these at the same time, and then you can enjoy your swim like never before. 

Let go of the ear plugs & nose clip
With nose clips you hold breath that causes a less relaxed body. Being able to breathe you can swim longer & faster without getting exhausted too soon.  Have you ever seen any swim athlete with these accessories? Relying on these accessories won’t give you a lasting water stay. Besides, imagine you are swimming in the middle of the pool and suddenly your ear plug falls off or your nose clip breaks then what you would do if you can’t swim without these?  

Challenge yourself
Remember that no swim coach or friend can make you understand the swimming. What they can do is to teach you. Understanding arises from within you then you need to embed that understanding into your brain via practicing. Give yourself a tough task. Knowing that what the level of your understanding yesterday was, keep trying and keep it up today! Today you are blessed that you are in the pool again. Don’t let go that blessing! 


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