Saturday 14 May 2016

Match Making

Match making these days has very strong commercial aspects. I remember those days when people are interactive and social at human level. People met with each other very often and in these meeting elder people decide about the marriage of youngsters sometime in very early stages. Of course love stories remain constant in history and present. However, nowadays elder people have no longer any role. Lower /middle class Parent of girls have no option except waiting for any proposal even their daughter are well educated. Other than these parents there are one group of parent who access match maker .After contacting these match maker one long game started. Girl dress up glamorously and present herself in front of different parties sent by match maker. Sometimes girls parent refuse and sometime opposite party rejection is seen. If boy is from England /Dubai…. then the protocol is really different. Now marriages are not relation among two families or person .It is very pity now marriages are relation of profession. So what the hell is this? I have no words to express this emerging trend of my society have you?

Architect Shahneela Farhan

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