Sunday 26 May 2024

Homeschoolers Sports Day 2023

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Embarking on a sports journey unleashes a realm of potential for children. Sports nurture their camaraderie and resilience while cultivating sportsmanship values. Their cognitive development flourishes improving EQ along with IQ.

Homeschooling families synergize efforts for memorable sports experiences for our children. Our collective endeavors, teamwork, roles distribution, profound sense of community and combined resources shape-up a thriving experience. All put efforts but organizers have a great deal to work for the event. Hats-off to them!!
Color scheme for sports?
Yeah we do have it but it’s not about spending thousands for uniforms from ‘specific’ shop. We wear whatever available at home & it does turn out spectacular on the day!
Who is the winner?
Our type of event is not a boxed & steered fashion, rather encouraging children for ideas then happily implementing those. While there are winners & children know it, the certificates & medals are given to each & every child who participated as the parents are in the management so we do care if our child will feel left-out or might think that the decision was not fair.
Children are children, let them have a memorable childhood!
At the end of the day it’s not about competition, it’s about expanding horizons. It’s about our young passionate athletes whose happy hormones are generated as opposed to the one who stood first was happy while the one who stood last was sad.
My Role:
Well, I was warm-up incharge & conducted warm-ups for the entire squad along with helper moms. Then I was helper mom along with an incharge mom & other helper moms for conducting sports of one group of kids.
Nota Bene: Pakistan is not facing crackdown on homeschoolers cuz there are other sort of crackdowns but let me tell you, there are some countries in the world where homeschooling is a crime & either parents can get arrested or child can be taken into government custody. The reason being, well aap sab aqalmand hein khud he sochein reason.

Wellness Coach,
Engr. Ayesha A. Khurram

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