Sunday 26 May 2024

Homeschoolers' drama fest 2023 & 2024


Well, if one is in the delusion that perhaps homeschoolers don’t get opportunities to public speak then axe it henceforth! Homeschoolers have multitude of opportunities organized by homeschooling parents for entire community. With mutual interest, understanding & fulfilling roles; an event takes place successfully!
It’s about building confidence, being caring & friendly, making life-long friends, and for parents it’s digging-out capabilities of children who can perform at their best when are not stressed & free to perform how they want to perform.
Behind the scenes there are rehearsals, mothers responsible for the tasks from writing the manuscript to managing children, from bookings & tickets to catering food & hosting the audience, and from idea to completion of the event. All put efforts but organizers put a lot of time & brains. Applause for them!!!
My role:
Preparing my kids for a dialogue wrt to the event. Facilitating kids to research, write, & deliver with facial expressions & gestures which were even polished by good suggestions of the organizer while rehearsals. Various options for performance were given to my kids by the organizer & they chose exactly what they were happy to perform.
Then during the event I was amongst the volunteer team with other moms & we had many tasks distributed accordingly.
Nota Bene: In academic institutions, the ones who are already good at public speaking, always speak. Rest of the students are always audience. While most if not all homeschooling parents are on toes to dig-out the capabilities of our children.

Homeschooling mom,

Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram

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