Sunday 26 May 2024

Entrepreneurship & homeschooling


My poetry:
Lo, entrepreneurship
catalyst of excellence, the flare
audacious zest from trickle to a roar, the dare
when passion sparks compassion embarks, the care
Lo, entrepreneurship
Where can your child learn entrepreneurship?
Attending workshops & collecting certificates can create an entrepreneur?? Entrepreneurship is an exploratory voyage fueled by intuition, guided by gut feelings, and driven by understanding of market dynamics. Iterative nature of entrepreneurship equips children with indispensable life skills, preparing them for flux of circumstances ahead. It teaches to tap curiosity & navigate uncertain terrain while learning work ethics.
Uncomfortable becomes the new comfort zone while the child gets hands-on financial literacy.
We, the homeschoolers facilitate our children explore various arts & skills then offer them platforms where they can showcase & sell their creations. Not to mention we do not restrict the thinking process as opposed to some academy where a trainer pours-in same idea for same project then the whole class has same outcome! Is that creativity???
My Role: from facilitating kids to explore various projects & arts to making products & marketing, then to displaying & earning.
Clicks: from various entrepreneurship events where many children marketed their ideas & products. They got appreciation from other parents / visitors. Children’s products/services are sold as well.

Entrepreneur mom,

Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram

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