Sunday 1 November 2015


When we were kids we were fascinated by the sky and stars. We used to listen to stories of North Star and the glittering night sky. We knew that people in ocean see stars patterns for finding ways.
The mesmerizing idea of finding way using stars and pointing out one’s location on a handmade hand held map has brought up with the notion of Global Positioning System i.e. GPS and sparked an era of geospatial revolution. This technology has revolutionized the world forever.
GIS is a combination of a constellation of artificial satellites or man-made stars orbiting the earth 24/7 and GPS receiver on the ground. GPS is a locational system and a timing tool. GPS is a management tool in many fields. In the modern age, GPS technology is a vital element of global information infrastructure. A jet cannot take off or land without using GPS. GPS is used for vehicle tracking and security. GPS is essential for going to remote places especially if we don’t know the route and exact destination. It is the era of autonomous devices called quad copters. A quad copter must be equipped with a GPS system to calculate its position with respect to the environment.    
To further improve the GPS technology, billions of dollars are being spent and mind skills are being utilized to modernize the GPS technology. There are many enchanting usage of this technology being discovered one after another. It’s via GPS that we can discover the hidden pattern of biodiversity. For example, the pattern of green turtles migration are revealed using GPS technology.
Using GPS technology is more like addiction rather than necessity.
Written by,
Engr. Ayesha Alam Khurram  

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