Friday 15 April 2016

Artwork 2

This art is drawn by a maid's daughter. She does cleaning works with her mother in other's houses whole day in order to support her family. She has sketched her thoughts with limited material which was given to her from a home where she works. 
Look and feel how she sketches her dreams!

She wants long clean nails, with nail enamel on that is most matching to her outfit. 

She lives in her own wondrous world of glamour while she mops a floor of others' house.

She also wants to live in dream home. 

She is most interested in beautiful clean hands, hands that have never seen work.

She has learnt to write her name, that makes her among the 'literate' in Pakistan.

She wants a better life, she wants to study, she wants to go to school! But she knows that she will soon be tied to a man in the name of marriage, she doesn't know how much elder than her will he be & of what character. She knows that after that it wont be a happy ending, then she will work in other's homes for the rest of her life in order to earn for her offspring & her in-laws just like her mother has been doing ever-since.
She wants to feel better than just a maid ('masi') but she doesn't know how to? She is just sketching hoping for a future better than the present!

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